Extract from Section 10 of the Bowls Northamptonshire Constitution:-





 10.1      The Fund shall be called Bowls Northamptonshire (BN) Benevolent Fund.

 10.2      A Chairman/Secretary shall be appointed by BN Executive Committee

 10.3      The Fund shall be administered by 5 Trustees, which shall include the Chairman/Secretary.

 10.4      2 Trustees shall be appointed by the Ladies Section and 2 Trustees shall be appointed by the Men’s Section of BN

 10.5      A levy of 10pence per member shall be made and included with the affiliated Club’s Annual subscription to BN

 10.6      All members of affiliated Clubs shall be entitled to benefit from the Fund

 10.7      Applications for grants /gifts shall be submitted through the Club Secretary of which the subject of the application is a member.

 10.8      Applications for Grants shall be made on a form provided by the Secretary of the Fund

 10.9      Grants shall be made at the absolute discretion of the Trustees and they will be treated in the strictest confidence.

 10.10      Annual accounts shall be prepared and subjected to an independent examination, and shall be submitted to the Annual General                                          Meeting of BN each year                        

 10.11      All cheques shall be signed by the Chairman/Secretary and one other Trustee.

 10.12      The Executive committee of BN shall have the power to invest any surplus funds which may accrue.

 10.13      Any Competition held for the benefit of the Benevolent Fund shall be administered by the Competition Committee"




 The following were appointed to administer the BN Benevolent Fund at its Annual General Meeting on the 6th February, 2012:


 Chairman/Secretary:            John G. Church, MBE (Higham Ferrers Town BC) 43 Hay Close, Peverel Manor, Rushden, NN10 0TT

                                                Tel 01933 351824  Mob 07790672331 Email

 Trustees:                               Christine Barlow (Abbey Park Ladies BC) Jean Frisby (Wellingborough BC)

                                                John Frisby (Wellingborough BC) Dr Bryan Jones (Kettering Lodge BC)