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        4.13    DISSOLUTION


                    (a)  If, at any General Meeting of Bowls Northamptonshire, a resolution be proposed calling for the dissolution of BN, the Administrator shall

                          immediately convene a Special General meeting.

                          Meeting to be held not less than one month thereafter to discuss and vote on the resolution


                    (b)  If, at that Special General Meeting, the resolution is carried by at least two thirds of the Members present, the Committee shall thereupon,

                          or at such date as shall have been specified in the resolution, proceed to realise the assets of BN and discharge all debts and liabilities

                          of BN.


                    (c)  After discharging all debts and liabilities of BN, the remaining assets shall not be paid or distributed amongst the Members of BN, but shall

                          be given or transferred to some other voluntary organisation having similar objects.




                   BN shall comply with, and conform to, the information as issued in the Bowls England 'Useful Information' booklet.


        4.15    HEALTH AND SAFETY


                   BN shall comply with, and conform to, the information as issued in the Bowls England 'Useful Information' booklet.




                   Every affiliated Club shall pay to the Association:-

                   (a)  An annual subscription based on the number of members of the Club as at 30th September of that year.  The fee to be decided by the

                         Executive/Finance Committees and approved at the AGM.

                   (b)  Bowls England annual subscription based on the number of members of the Club, to be forwarded by BN to Bowls England

                   (c)  Any competition entry fees, including fees for County Yearbooks (each competition player must purchase a County Yearbook).

                   (d)  Fee for Bowls Enland Yearbook.  Every Club is required to purchase annually a Bowls England Yearbook

                   (e)  The annual subscription shall be pad on a date to be determined annually by the Executive/Finance Committees.  Any Club failing to pay

                          these subscriptions by the date named shall forfeit all the rights and privileges of membership until the whole of the arrears have been





        5.1      The Annual General Meeting of Bowls Northamptonshire shall be held in the month of December each year, on such date as the Executive

                   Committee may select.

        5.2      14 days notice of the Annual General Meeting, and of all General Meetings, shall be given, and delegates from twelve Clubs shall form a quorum.

        5.3      Each Member Club shall be entitled to be represented by two delegates at the Annual or other General Meeting.

        5.4      The Executive Chairman, or his/her deputy, shall have a second or casting vote in ddition to a delibertive vote on all matters discussed.

        5.5      The business of the Annual General Meeting shall be to:-

                   (a)  Confirm the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting and any Extraordinary General Meetings held since the last AGM.

                   (b)  Receive the examined accounts for the year from the Treasurer.

                   (c)  Receive the Annual Report of the Committee from the Administrator.

                   (d)  Appoint an Accounts Examiner.

                   (e)  Elect the Officers and Committee Members of Bowls Northamptonshire as laid down by this Constitution.

                   (f)   Elect the officers for each section and for all representatives to other organisations by a casting of votes.

                   (g)  Transact such other business received in writing by the Administrator from member Clubs 28 days prior to the Meeting, and included in

                          the Agenda




                    (a)  If the Executive Committee determines that sufficient cause has been shown, a Special General Meeting of BN may be called.

                    (b)  Additionally a Special General Meeting may be called for in writing from:

                          (i)  Officers and Members as defined in Rules 4.6 (a) & (b)

                          (ii)  Any Member Club.  This must be supported in writing by two other Clubs, to consider the business set out in the submitted request.

                                This must clearly state the nature of the matter and issue to be addressed, and be signed for and on behalf of the appealing Club by the

                                office bearers of that Club.  28 days notice must be given.

                    (c)  The notice calling such Special General Meeting shall state the purpose for which it has been summoned, and no other business shall be

                           transacted at that meeting.




        6.1       Alterations or additions to all or any of this Constitution shall only be made at the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting convened

                    for that purpose.

        6.2       For any alteration to this Constitution and any Rule of BN two thirds of all votes cast must be in favour for the proposition to succeed.


        6.3       PROPOSITIONS


                    (a)  Propositions or amendments to the Constitution and Rules of the Association shall be submitted to the Administrator clearly outlining the

                           rationale for submission. Propositions may be submitted from :- BN Executive Committee, the Men's and Women's Management Committees,

                          or any Affiliated Club.  In the case of Propositions from Affiliated Clubs, they shall be seconded by another Affiliated Club. The Administrator

                          shall forward the propositions to all Member Clubs.

                    (b)  Dates for submission:-  Propositions by 1st September and amendments not less than two weeks prior to the October Council meeting.

                    (c)  The Proposer of the proposition and the amendments may speak at the October Council meeting.  The Proposer of the proposition may

                           respond to the amendments and answer any questions from Council Members.  The Chairman shall state a pre-determined time period

                           for discussion.

                    (d)  Club Delegates shall be expected to ensure that their respective Club Committees mandate them on how to vote.

                    (e)   At the AGM no further discussion shall take place and the vote shall be taken.

                    (f)   For any alterations to this Constitution and any Rule of BN, two thirds of all votes cast shall be in favour for the proposition or

                           amendments to succeed.


7.                 COUNTY MATCHES


        7.1       Selection for all County Matches to be the Responsibility of a Men's and a Women's Selection Committee respetively, which shall comprise of

                   the President, Senior Vice President, Junior Vice President, Management Secretary, Match Secretary, plus one Delegate from each area (2)

        7.2      County mixed matches shall be the responsibilty of a joint Competitions Committee made up from both sections plus the Executive Chairman of BN

        7.3      Every player shall attend all County games wearing the appropriate uniform then change into whites or county colours for the match.

        7.4      Team Manager shall be appointed by the Management Committees as and when required.


8.                COUNTY BADGES


      8.1      A full County Badge shall be presented to:

                  a)  A player (who is not already a holder) after playing his/her first game in the Middleton Cup or Johns Trophy.

                  b)  A player (who is not already a holder) who has played in six Midland Counties BA Championships (MCBA) or six Middle England League

                  (MEL) matches.

                  c)  A player who has played in six (men) or three (women) County Friendly matches (excluding Executive matches) over a period of three years.

                  d)  A player selected as a reserve in any team as specified in 8.1 above and who does not play in the game shall not qualify towards any badge.

       8.2      A full County Badge shall be awarded to all unbadged finalists in the County competitions before progressing to Bowls England Championships.

       8.3      A full County Badge shall be awarded, if unbadged, upon taking office as Junior Vice President, Honorary Management Secretary, Honorary

                  Treasurer or BN Administrator

       8.4      A player shall be awarded a BN Colt badge uppon playing in his/her first MCBA, MEL, OR County Friendly match.

       8.5      A player shall reimburse BN upon receiving his/her badge under Rules 8.1


9.                DRESS CODE


        9.1      Full County Uniform shall be worn by all Officers and players at all County & Presidential matches.  County coloured shirts and jackets shall be

                   worn provided all members of the side wear them and that they have been approved by Bowls England.  Headgear, if worn, shall be white or a

                   registered colour.   White, or Bowls England approved waterproof clothing shall be used at all times.  

                   Jewellery, if worn, shall be discreet and not interfere with the game of bowls.  At all other times dress shall conform to the Rules of BN and to the

                   Rules of leagues and competitions.

        9.2      Players governed by a specific ethnic culture will be permitted to wear their traditional dress if they so desire.


        9.3      REGULATION DRESS (MEN)


                   County Blazer, County Tie, white shirt and grey trousers shall be worn off the green.  Regulation footwear, white trousers, white or County

                   coloured shirt, white jumper(if worn), and white or County coloured jacket, shall be worn on the green.


        9.4      REGULATION DRESS (WOMEN)


                   County Blazer, navy shoes and handbag, beige tights(optional), shall be worn off the green.  Regulation style white skirt, white tailored or

                   cropped trousers (mid calf length), white socks with trousers, County shirt and jacket, white regulation style shoes shall be worn on the green.

                   'Footies' if worn with skirts or cropped trousers shall not be visible.  Sandals are prohibited at all times.


10.                BENEVOLENT FUND


        10.1      The Fund shall be called Bowls Northamptonshire Benevolent Fund.

        10.2      A Chairman/Secretary shall be appointed by BN Executive Committee

        10.3      The Fund shall be administered by 5 Trustees, which shall include the Chairman/Secretary.

        10.4      2 Trustees shall be appointed by the Women's Section and 2 Trustees shall be appointed by the Men's Section of BN

        10.5      A levy of 10 pence per member shall be made and included with the affiliated Club's Annual subscription.

        10.6      All members of Affiliated Clubs shall be entitled to benefit from the Fund.

        10.7      Applications for grants/gifts shall be submitted through the Club Secretary of which the subject of the application is a member.

        10.8      Applications for grants shall be made on a form provided by the Secretary of the Fund.

        10.9      Grants shall be made at the absolute discretion of the Trustees and they will be treated in the strictest confidence.

        10.10    Annual Accounts will be prepared and subjected to an independent examination, and shall be submitted to the AGM of BN each year.

        10.11    All cheques shall be signed by the Chairman/Secretary and one other Trustee.

        10.12    The Executive Committee of BN shall have the power to invest any surplus funds which may accrue.

        10.13    Any Competition held for the benefit of the Benevolent Fund shall be administered by the BN Competition Committee.




        11.1    All Past Presidents of NBA, NWCBA, and BN automatically become members of the Past Presidents Association

        11.2    The BN Past Presidents Association may forward propositions to the BN Executive.

        11.3    The BN Past Presidents Association will recommend the nomination of the Vice President of the Midland Counties Bowling Association as

                   and when required.