2019 Men's and Mixed Comps Final Stages Results - Page 2


QUARTER FINALS – played at Kettering Lodge BC on Sunday, 7th July, 2019.

1. Tim Chapman, Peter Morris, Roger Tansley & Mick Sharpe, Kingsthorpe BC beat Bryn Walker, Paul Coley, Nigel Hawkins & Walt Winsor, Wellingborough BC 15-14 shots.

What a close match this turned out to be with Wellingborough starting off very well with a 5-0 lead after 4 ends, but then Kingsthorpe won the next 4 ends and collected 9 shots, including a 4 for a 9-5 lead, and with just single shots scored over the next 4 ends Mick and his men kept ahead 12-6. The next 2 ends saw the determination of Walt & his men for they collected a good 4 and a double to tie things up at 12 each, and with one end left Walt’s Wellingborough men were just 1 shot up at 14-13, but the last end produced a double for Mick and his men for a passage to the Semi-Finals.

2. Will Clelland, John Bookless, Brian Diver & Norman Gibb, Corby Seagrave House BC beat Andy Cragg, Tom Fuins, Geoff Hayter & Rod Rigby, Bugbrooke BC 17-13 shots

In this match Bugbrooke won more ends than Corby Seagrave House, but 8 of the 10 were singles, whereas the 8 from Corby included a 5 and two 3’s. Bugbrooke scored first with a double, but that 5 came next for Corby, and after 5 ends Norman & his men were 9-3 up, and after dropping two singles, they picked up a 3 to go 12-5 ahead, and then followed 5 singles of which 4 went to Rod and his men for them to close to 9-13 with 5 ends left to play. In picking up a treble on the 17th end, Bugbrooke gave themselves a chance at 13-16 with one end left, but Norman and his men got a single for the win.

3. Richard Horrell, Barry Melville, David Bailey & Terry Cutting, Thrapston BC beat Phil Reeve, Tony Aston, Dave Vernon & Pat McAlwane, Abington BC 22-6 shots

In this match Thrapston started very well indeed, and after 6 ends of play they were 10-0 up, and after dropping two singles, they added 5 more to their score, including a 4, to be further ahead at 15-4. Things did not get any better for Pat & his Abington men, for they were stuck on that 4 for 4 ends as terry & his men added 7 more shots to lead 22-4 with 3 ends to play. Abington picked up a 2 on the 16th end, but it was not enough and they conceded victory to Thrapston.

4. Alan Coleman, Terry Brown, Tony O’Leary & John Freeman, Abington BC beat Tony Gilbert, Malcolm Winckles, Pat Crouch & Carl Haines Desborough Town BC 15-14 shots

Another very close finish in the end, but at the halfway mark it did not look like an Abington win. Desborough restricted John & his men to just two singles in the first b8 ends, whilst they were scoring well to lead 13-2, with the 9th end being particularly good for them when picking up a big count of 5. The Abington players, however, dug in deep, and with their vast experience, they then restricted Carl & his men to just one more shot on the 11th end, as they t ‘went to town’ in scoring 13 shots for the narrowest win.

SEMI-FINALS – played at Kettering Lodge BC on Sunday, 7th July, 2019

1. Alan Coleman, Terry Brown, Tony O’Leary & John Freeman beat Richard Horrell, Barry Melville, David Bailey & Terry Cutting 18-15 shots

Thrapston started well in winning the first 2 ends with doubles, but the next 5 ends were all Abington as they scored very well to take a good 11-4 shots lead after 7 ends. After 10 ends of play John & his men were still 12-7 up, and with a 4 and a single on the next 2 ends, that became 17-7 with 6 ends to play. Terry & his men won the next 4 of those last ends to give themselves a chance at 12-17 down, but after dropping a single on the 17th end they were presented with a 6 shots deficit playing the last end, which they did win with 3 shots, but it was Abington through to the Final.

2. Tim Chapman, Peter Morris, Roger Tansley & Mick Sharpe, Kingsthorpe BC beat Will Clelland, John Bookless, Brian Diver & Norman Gibb, Corby Seagrave House BC 22-16 shots

In this match Corby Seagrave started pretty well in posting a 5-2 shots lead after 4 end, but the next 4 ends were all Kingsthorpe as they scored 11 shots without reply to take a very good 13-5 lead, although Norman & his men were in there fighting hard and in collecting two trebles to a double conceded, they got within 4 shots at 11-15 down with 7 ends left to play. Mick & his men struck back hard with a good 4 on the next end, and after dropping a double, they scored 3 more shots to lead 22-13 with 3 ends left to play. Norman & his men won all 3 of those ends, but just in single counts, so it was the Kingsthorpe men who are through to the Final.

Congratulations to the Semi-Final winners, who will now contest the County Final at Northampton Express BC at 10.0 a.m. on Sunday, 28th July, 2019, with the prize for the winners qualification for the National Finals at Royal Leamington Spa next month.


QUARTER FINALS - played at Wellingborough BC (No. 1 on the 11th July and the remaining 3 on the 12th July, 2018)

1. Neil Gould, Earls Barton BC beat Shaun Marriott, Northampton West End BC 21-20 shots.

Obviously a very closely fought match, but not having seen the scorecard, and not being present, I cannot give a commentary on how Neil beat Shaun.

2. Chris Bland, Northampton Express BC beat Peter Ward, Desborough Town BC 21-16 shots

This match pitted 2 very experienced bowlers against each other, and, as expected a very close and high class game was the result, with both players delivering some excellent bowls. After 5 ends Chris was just 1 shot ahead at 6-5, and he kept his nose in front for the rest of the match, although at 16 ends of the scheduled 21 he was still just 1 shot ahead at 13-12 shots. Three ends later, however, he was 19-12 up and with Peter having one bowl left, Chris was in a match-winning position holding 3 shots, but Peter drew a terrific shot to take the jack through to save the match. On the next end Peter drew 3 very good bowls to give Chris a bit of a worry as he was being caught at 19-16, but he was able to get 2 successive singles to take his place in the Semi-Finals.

3. Paul Broderick, Burton Latimer Town BC beat Carl Wigfield, Desborough Town BC 21-12 shots

A match between the very experienced and successful Paul and a comparative newcomer in Carl, albeit he has been showing much promise in recent years, The early ends were pretty evenly contested, with Paul taking a 4-5 lead after 5 ends, but Carl then taking a 6-5 lead 2 ends later, and the match was level at 7 each after 9 ends. Carl then took a 9-8 lead, but unfortunately for him Paul really found his game and he collected 10 shots without reply to take a telling lead at 18-9. Carl stuck at the task and won the next 2 ends to get within 6, but Paul saw off the ‘young pretender’ in winning three more ends with a single on each.

4. Darren Childs, Northampton West End BC beat Alan Dunkley, Abington BC 21-11 shots

A match between last year’s National and County Singles Runner-up, Darren, was always going to be a big task for the very experienced Alan, but it was a very evenly fought match for well over half of its duration, with Alan taking an early lead at 5-2 after 5 ends. Darren tied things up at 6 each, but Alan had a good run of 3 scoring ends to go ahead 11-6 before Darren took the next 4 ends to draw level at 11 shots each after 15 ends of play. 3 ends later it was all over for Alan as Darren scored heavily, winning all 3 in taking a maximum of 4 and two counts of 3.

SEMI-FINALS, played at Wellingborough BC on Wednesday, 18th July, 2018, with the following results:

1. Darren Childs, Northampton West End BC beat Paul Broderick, Burton Latimer Town BC 21-12 shots

The early ends were pretty evenly contested in this match, in which the 2017 National Singles Runner-up was hoping to get to the National Championships to go one better, and after 12 ends of play Darren was just 1 shot in front at 8-7. Following an exchange of singles, Darren scored very well over the next 4 ends, picking up 8 shots to be in sight of the winning post at 17-8. Then followed an exchange of singles, and Paul picked up a good count of 3 shots to give him some belief at 12-18 down, that he still had a chance, but on what was to be the 22nd end played, Darren collected the 3 shots he needed to win.

2. Neil Gould, Earls Barton BC beat Chris Bland, Northampton Express BC 21-17 shots

Chris started this match the better, collecting 7 shots without reply in the first 3 ends of play, and although Neil then picked up some shots, after 10 ends of play there was still the same deficit for him at 5-12 down, and 3 ends later his deficit was even greater at 6-15. At this point Neil started to out bowl Chris and he won 5 successive ends, and added 10 shots, including a maximum 4 on the 15th end, to go ahead by 1 shot at 16-15. Chris retook the lead with a 2 but Neil was really on his game at this point and he took the next 4 ends played, to collect the 5 shots that he needed for victory.

Well done to them both. Darren Childs and Neil Gould will now play for the County title early next month, but more importantly for them, they will represent the County at the National Championships at Leamington in late August

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