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3. Ashley Linnell, Darren Childs & Jamie Walker, Northampton West End BC beat Paul Munday, Richard Harding & Nik Puryer, Rushden Town BC 21-12 shots
The West End men started off very well in winning the first 3 ends b y 6 shots, and then after dropping 1 shot they scored 5 shots on the next 2 ends to establish a pretty comfortable lead at 11-1. Much against the run of play the next end was won by Nik’s men in picking up a good count of 4 shots, but in winning the next 3 ends, Jamie’s men held a lead of 16-5 shots, and they looked good for an early finish. This did not, however, happen, for Nik’s Rushden triple played some excellent bowls over the next 4 ends to score 7 shots without reply, and thus close the gap to just 4 shots, and a sight of an upset. The last 3 ends were well bowled by both triples, but to his relief, no doubt, Jamie picked up 5 shots without reply to cement the win after 17 ends of play.

4. Adam Pitfield, Phil Exley & Paul Broderick, Burton Latimer Town BC beat Conor Bryan, Jason Bryan & Roger Tansley, Kingsthorpe BC 16-15 shots
This was the tightest match of all, played out by 2 very able triples, most of them current Middleton Cup players, Kingsthorpe held the advantage after 4 ends with a lead of 5-2 shots, but Paul’s men picked up a good score of 4 shots on the next end to take the lead, only to lose it over the next 2 ends as Roger’s men picked up 3 shots. From this point, however, the Burton Triple won the next 6 ends, collecting 8 shots into the bargain to lead 14-8 shots with 5 ends remaining. Kingsthorpe really ‘dug in’ over the next 4 ends in outscoring Burton, providing a last end ‘shoot out’, and that last end was very tense, as first 1 triple held shot then the other, and when Paul went to bowl his last bowl, he found himself 2 shots adrift as Roger had drawn a 2nd shot bowl, which required Paul to pull out a very good shot indeed to get the result. This he did, as he so often has over the years, and with the perfect line and weight, he dislodged the 2 Kingsthorpe shot bowls and trailed the jack into the ditch for 1 shot and victory.

TRIPLES SEMI-FINALS - played at Northampton Whyte Melville BC on Thursday evening, 22nd June, 2017.

The 2 Semi-Finals had 12 top County bowlers on show, with 9 of them current Middleton Cup/MCBA County team members, and the other three fairly recent members of the County squad, so it was expected that the many supporters would witness some top class bowling. This was certainly the case.

1. Ashley Linnell, Darren Childs & Jamie Walker, Northampton West End BC beat Adam Pitfield, Phil Exley & Paul Broderick, Burton Latimer Town BC 21-14 shots
This match started well for Jamie’s men with a 3 shots pick up on the first end, but then the next 4 ends went the way of Paul and his triple, for they collected 8 shots without reply, and were looking very good, whereas the West End men had not quite got their game together. That, however, all changed over the next few ends, as all 3 West Enders put in some excellent bowls, which they had to do for the Burton men were also playing very well, and on the 7th end of play, as a result of a conversion shot by Jamie, West End collected a count of 5 shots and by the conclusion of the 9th end they had created a healthy 14-8 shots lead for themselves. Jamie’s men retained this healthy lead and built on it to be 9 shots up with 4 ends left to play, and although Burton reduced the deficit to 6 shots with 1 end left, that last end went well for West End after it had been set up potentially well by Adam & Phil for Paul to get the multiple shots he needed, but, first Darren caused some movement to take the jack away from Burton’s woods, and then Jamie ditched the jack to leave Paul 3 ‘no hope’ shot with his last bowls of the match. So it was qualification for the National Championships for Ashley, Darren & Jamie.

2. Curtis Johnson, Darren Lyman & Neil Corbyn, Wellingborough BC beat Neil Rolfe, Richard Lemon & Chris Bland, Northampton Express BC 20-9 shots
This was a match in which Northampton Express had the upper hand for the first 8 ends, winning 6 of them for a lead of 7-3 shots, and at this stage the Express men were looking very good, with excellent bowls being delivered by all 3, although in fairness to Wellingborough’s players, they were restricting Express’s scoring to just 1 count of 2 with the remaining 5 all singles. From this point on, however, all three Wellingborough men ‘came about’ and started playing some superb bowls, each of them doing something with almost every bowl they delivered, and although Chris’s Express men had not lost their form, Neil’s form and that of his players, had gone up a notch or two and by the conclusion of the 12th end had overturned the deficit into a healthy lead of 6 shots. The 13th end went to Express, but that was the last they were to score, for, with several brilliant bowls by either Darren or Neil, after Curtis had done what a lead should do, the remaining 4 ends played all went to Neil and his men for a comfortable win after 17 ends of play.


QUARTER FINALS, played at Kingsthorpe BC on Thursday, 6th July, 2017.

1. Garry Ellis, Dougie Gilbert, Graham Norman & Steve Norman, Higham Ferrers Town BC beat H McBride, Steve Rayner, Phil Manley & Mike Kirkland, Cogenhoe BC 31-7 shots
This was a match in which the Cogenhoe rink was in trouble from ‘the off’ and it was 6 ends before they could trouble the scoreboard by which time they were well behind having dropped 11 shots to Steve’s men in the first 5 ends. The Higham rink continued to rack up the scores with some excellent bowling and after 12 ends played the score was 20-3 in their favour. With 7 ends left to be played, Cogenhoe needed a multiple score or two, but it did not happen for Higham added more shots to their total ending with a flourish in picking up a 3 and a 5 on the 18th & 19th ends.

2. Trevor Anderson, Richard Mann, John Haines & Peter Ward, Desborough Town BC beat B Shatford, Steve Mason, Paul Harris & Mark Turner, Kettering Midland Band BC 23-13 shots
The Midland Band men started the better and in the first 2 ends posted 5 shots without reply, but the very experienced Desborough rink soon got to grips with their game and took the next 6 ends and recorded 12 shots in the process to take over the driving seat. 4 single shots over the next ends reduced the deficit for Mark & his men, to 9-12, but Desborough once more took over the scoring and Pete & his men added 9 shots to their score to have a decent lead of 12 shots with 3 ends left to play. Winning the next 2 ends and collecting 4 shots gave Mark’s men a glimmer of hope, but when Desborough picked up 2 shots on the 20th end the match was over.

3. Paul Stephens, David Blencowe, Bob Blencowe & Ron Morland, Brackley & District BC beat James Butts, Terry Williams, Neil Gould & Alan Jeyes, Earls barton BC 23-14 shots
The first 4 ends produced just 4 shots, 3 in favour of Earls Barton, but then disaster struck for Alan and his men, for Brackley, having drawn some really good bowls into the jack, picked up a huge count of 6 shots and from that point on were in front. Earls Barton did reduce the deficit on the next end by 2, but in picking up 5 shots on the next 2 ends, including a count of 4, Ron’s men were looking good at 12-5. After 11 ends Brackley was still in front by 6 shots, which, with a 3 end run in which they collected 6 shots, it looked good for them with 7 ends left to play, and although Alan and his men had the better of the scoring over the next 5 ends to reduce the deficit to 7 shots, the Brackley men were home and dry in winning the 20th end.

4. Due to the non-availability of his opponent’s to play on this date, Jim McKee and his men, Kingsthorpe BC were given a walkover by David Williamson’s rink, Northampton BBOB BC.

FINAL – played at Kingsthorpe BC on the morning of Sunday, 23rd July, 2017.

Trevor Anders, Richard Mann, John Haines & Peter Ward, Desborough Town BC beat Paul Stephens, David Blencowe, Bob Blencowe & Ron Morland, Brackley & District BC 28-4 shots

This was a match which promised to be quite a close affair with both Clubs fielding very experienced players, and after 2 ends with the scores at 1 shot each, it lived up to its billing, but thereafter, Desborough dominated proceedings. After 5 ends Peter and his men were 10-1 up, and after dropping 1 shot on end 6, they continued to pick up shots, almost at will, leading 15-2 after 10 ends, and after dropping a further single on end 11, they went in front by 20 shots after 15 ends, and the end was in sight for them. Ron’s men picked up another single on end 16, but in conceding 5 shots on the next 2 ends, the Brackley quartet conceded victory to Desborough.

This win puts the Desborough quartet at the National Championships at Royal Leamington Spa, on Tuesday, 8th August, 2017, when they will play the Cumbrian qualifiers at 5.30 p.m.


QUARTER FINALS – played at Wellingborough BC on the evening of Thursday, 13th July, 2017.

1. David Love, Wellingborough BC beat Paul Broderick, Burton Latimer Town BC 21-5 shots
A match between two pretty experienced Middleton Cup players, and former club mates until Paul’s move to Burton Latimer Town BC, and a rather surprising result, although David is a specialist Lead bowler, and drawing to the jack is his forte. Nevertheless the result was a little surprising, given the ability of Paul, and his catalogue of County titles over the years. The match lasted just 16 ends, of which Paul was only able to score on 5 of them, all single shots. An exchange of singles on the first 2 ends was followed by a maximum pick up of 4 shots by David, and from that point on he did not look back, played extremely well, and was not seriously threatened for the rest of the match.

2. Connor Cinato, Kettering Midland Band BC beat Will Walker, Northampton West End BC 21-7 shots
A match between two of the County’s strongest Under 25 players, both Middleton Cup players, and very competitive, and a close match was expected. It was close for 3 ends at which point the scores were level on 3 shots each, but thereafter Connor put the pressure on, and with some excellent bowling took a lead of 12-3 with 7 ends played.. Will picked up a 2 on the next end, but Connor once more dominated the next 5 ends to get very close to the winning post at 20-5 shots, but on the next end Will had a ‘stay of execution’ when he picked up 2 shots, but the next end was Connor’s and with it the match after 15 ends of play. This puts him into 2 County Semi-Finals, having achieved it in the Pairs the previous evening.

3. Darren Childs, Northampton West End BC beat Kyle Buckley, Rushden Town BC 21-6 shots
This match was between a young player, in Kyle, with a good future in the sport, who this year has been doing pretty well in County competitions, up against a man in Darren who is very experienced, a current Middleton Cup player, with a strong will to win. This match was just a step too far for Kyle, for after picking up 1 shot on the first end, he had to wait until the 6th end before he could score again, and in this time Darren picked up 11 shots, including a maximum 4, to put himself well and truly in the driving seat. Kyle did bowl some very good woods, but so often when he did Darren bowled a better one, and the match was over in 14 ends

4. Jamie Walker, Northampton West End BC beat Nathan Betts, Northampton West End BC 21-10 shots
The score would suggest that Jamie, a regular Senior & Junior England International player, over ran his opponent, but that is far from the case, as Nathan bowled some excellent bowls throughout the match, but most often when he did, Jamie brought out a terrific response. Jamie started extremely well in picking up a maximum on the 1st end, and he had 6 shots on the board before Nathan troubled the scorer. After 6 ends played Jamie was 8-4 in front, which became 11-4 a couple of ends later., but Nathan kept plugging away and bowled some very tidy woods, but as indicated earlier, often when holding a decent shot or two, Jamie came in with a terrific shot to deny him. The match lasted 17 ends of which Jamie won 12, and this win gave him a second semi-final appearance in County competitions this year, he having won his Triples Semi with the Final to come.

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