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QUARTER FINALS – All played at Kislingbury BC on the evening of Wednesday, 24th May, 2017.

1. David Iddles, Ray Castle, Ben Sharpe & Mick Sharpe, Kingsthorpe BC beat Andy Webster, Alf McCabe, Brian Diver & Alistair Melville, Corby Seagrave House BC 25-11 shots

The Corby quartet scored first with a single, but then could not score again for 4 more ends at which point they slipped to 1-7 shots down. The next 2 ends, however, were very productive for them as they collected a massive and unexpected pick up of 5 shots, followed by a couple on the next to go 1 shot in front at 8-7 shots.

Kingsthorpe, however, struck back very hard and collected two counts of 4 and a single, to regain the lead at 16-8 shots, and after dropping a single on the 11th end, in scoring 7 shots without reply on the next 6 ends Mick Sharpe & his men were almost ‘home and dry’ at 23-9 with 5 ends left to play. Alistair’s men picked up a count of 2 shots, but when Kingsthorpe reciprocated with s 2 on the 18th end, the players shook hand with the win to Kingsthorpe.

2. Danny Walker, Nathan Betts, Will Walker & Alan Ashby, Northampton West End BC beat Neil Rolfe, Richard White, Richard Lemon & Chris Bland, Northampton Express BC 18-13 shots

This was a very close and evenly matched contest, with the ‘elder statesman’ of West End, Alan Ashby, accompanied by 3 ‘young blades’ against an accomplished quartet from Express, which included another ‘elder statesman’ in Richard White, and the new member Neil Rolfe on his move to the Club from Kingsthorpe. After 5 ends of play the West End men were in a comfortable position at 8-1 shots to the good, and the next 5 ends saw West End have the better of the scoring to draw level at 13 each, and with a final 4 ends to play it was anyone’s guess who would come out on top.

Some excellent bowls were delivered by men from both rinks, but West End had the edge, and with 1 end to play had an advantage of 4 shots, and as the last end was being played it was in West End’s favour and all Express could do to give themselves a chance was to ‘kill the end’ for a replay, and this they did successfully twice, but eventually, although Chris Bland was very close to easing West End’s shot bowl out of the head to leave himself 4 shots, he just missed and the win was with Alan Ashby & his men.

3. Adam Brown, Colin Barnes, Alan Dunkley & Jonathan Brown, Abington BC beat Brian Briggs, Will Hill, Andy Macredie & Sam Gamble, Kettering Lodge BC 23-16 shots

Quite a ‘topsy turvy’ match developed as firstly Abington took a 4-0 shots lead after 3 ends of play, and then Kettering picked up a run of 11 shots without reply over the next 5 ends, including a massive count of 5, to take a very good 11-4 shots lead. The Abington rink comprised the very experienced Barnes, Dunkley & Jonathan Brown, at the back end and the ever reliable Adam Brown, son of Jonathan at lead, and the next 5 ends saw them take the lead by 1 shot with a run of 8 shots without reply.

Sam’s rink regained the lead on the next end with a 2 shot collection, but 8 shots to Abington on the next 3 ends saw them with a 7 shots lead with 4 ends left to play. With just 1 end left to play the Lodge team had reduced their deficit to 5 shots, but to get 5 shots on that last end was too much to ask and Abington scored 2 shots to take the victory.

4. David Love, Darren Lyman, Curtis Johnson & Neil Corbyn, Wellingborough BC beat Chris Wilson, Nik Puryer, Mossy Waters & Kyle Buckley, Rushden Town BC 26-11 shots

This was a match between the relatively inexperienced Rushden Town rink, save for Mossy Waters at No. 3, with young Kyle Buckley at skip, which had produced some excellent wins in this competition in previous rounds, and the very experienced Wellingborough rink with all present or former Middleton Cup players on board. The first 8 ends were very even with first Wellingborough taking a small lead which Rushden squared at 5 ends on 4 all, then Rushden took a small lead until Wellingborough squared it at 7 all after 8 ends of play.

From this point on, however, for 5 ends it was all Wellingborough as they collected 10 shots without reply to take a healthy lead of 10 shots at 17-7. 2 shots on each of the next two ends saw Rushden reduce the deficit to 6 shots, but they were not to score again in the last 5 ends played as Wellingborough eased to the victory with 9 shots added to their total.

FOURS (Continued)

SEMI-FINALS – Both played at Kislingbury BC on the evening of Friday, 26th May, 2017.

1. David Love, Darren Lyman, Curtis Johnson & Neil Corbyn, Wellingborough BC beat Adam Brown, Colin Barnes, Alan Dunkley & Jonathan Brown, Abington BC 26-7 shots.

This was a match, which, after 8 ends of play, one would not expect such an overwhelming win by Wellingborough’s rink, for at that stage the score was just 7-6 shots in favour of Neil & his men. From that point on, however, it was virtually all one way traffic, for, despite some excellent bowls being played by Abington, Neil & his rink just kept bowling a better bowl or two, and an example of this was on the 12th end, when Abington was sitting 3 or 4 shots, Neil played a delicate trail on the jack to move it about a yard to a group of his bowls to pick up a score of 5 shots. After picking up just 1 shot to the 19 shots accrued by Wellingborough, Abington conceded after 18 ends of play.

2. David Iddles, Ray Castle, Ben Sharpe & Mick Sharpe, Kingsthorpe BC beat Danny Walker, Nathan Betts, Will Walker & Alan Ashby, Northampton West End BC 17-14 shots

This match was a pretty close affair with the scores level on 3 shots each after 5 ends of play, and then the West End quartet picked up 5 shots to 1 conceded over the next 4 ends to get a lead of 4 shots, but that lead disappeared in 2 more ends played as Mick’s men collected 5 shots, including a count of 4, to take a 1 shot lead. Alan Ashby’s rink, however, struck back very quickly and with all of them playing with great enthusiasm, they took the lead back over the next 3 ends to have a 4 shots advantage at 13-9 after 14 ends.

The scores were tied again after 16 ends at 13 shots each, and then followed a series of single shots, firstly by West End to get a shot in front, which was immediately matched on the next end to tie the scores again, and it was anyone’s match. Single shots were picked up by Kingsthorpe on the next 2 ends, but they could easily have gone the other way, and with 1 end to play West End were looking for a minimum of 2 shots to require an extra end, or hopefully 3 shots for the win. As that 21st end was being played, West End held the required shots until firstly Ben and then his father, produced match winning bowls, and Alan, in looking to trail the jack through to his bowls behind, just missed his target and the win was with Kingsthorpe,

Congratulations to both Kingsthorpe and Wellingborough rinks, as they have now qualified to play in the national Championships at Royal Leamington Spa in August, 2017, with one of them, yet to be decided, will play a Preliminary match against Wiltshire at 2.0 p.m. on Sunday, 20th and the other will play Middlesex in a 1st Round match at 9.30 a.m. on Monday the 21st.


QUARTER FINALS, played at Northampton Whyte Melville BC on Tuesday, 20th June, 2017. Four excellent matches were seen by the many friends and supporters, results as follows:

1. Curtis Johnson, Darren Lyman & Neil Corbyn, Wellingborough BC beat Rob Archer, Alan Coleman & Pat McAlwane, Abington BC 15-12 shots
A very tightly fought match, in which the ends won by each triple were tied, and which was tied on shots on several occasions, including at 5 ends at 4 shots each, at 9 ends with the scores 7 shots each, and 8 each after11 ends, and apart from 2 counts of 2 shots by both triples, and one count of 4 on one end, all the remaining ends registered just 1 shot to one or other. It was that 4 shots, on the 12 th end which tipped the balance in favour of Neil Corbyn’s triple, for, with 2 ends to go they had that 4 shots advantage, but Pat’s men put the pressure back on by picking up 2 shots with 1 end left. That one end was initially played much in Abington’s favour, but Darren Lyman managed to draw shot, and that remained in place despite Abington’s best efforts.

2. Neil Rolfe, Richard Lemon & Chris Bland, Northampton Express BC beat Dan Waterfield (sub), Kieran Rollings & Andrew Macredie, Kettering Lodge BC 25-10 shots.
A match in which Andy Macredie’s triple had to have a substitute to take the place of Connor Rollings who was not available, and Dan Waterfield took that place. Express started off very well in picking up a 4 on the first end followed by a single, and when they scored another 4 shots on the 6th end they put themselves in the ‘driving seat’ at 10-4 shots. The next 5 ends were better for Kettering Lodge as they picked up 6 shots to 3 shots conceded, to close the gap to just 4 shots with 7 ends left, but from that point on the Express players really played well in ‘peppering the jack’ which forced Andy to fire quite a few times, and it did not come off for him, so Chris’s men won the last 5 ends played in picking up 12 shots for a fairly comfortable victory.

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