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24. Under 25's OPEN Matches
   A Team Manager shall conduct the affairs of the Under 25's in accordance with the conditions as defined by the Men's Management Committee and
  in accordance with the Rules & Constitution of Bowls Northamptonshire.

25. Manfield Cup Competition - Inter Club Men's Competition
(a) The Competition is open to all affiliated Clubs and is for teams of 4 Rinks of four from each Club. (Rule 3 does not apply)
(b) Two affiliated Clubs not already represented in the competition, may seek permission to combine and form one team. Any number of players from each
club may play to allow a team of 16 players. This must be notified to the Men's Competition Secretary and is subject to approval
(c) Each four will play a four from another Club or Clubs on a neutral green as determined by the Men's Competition Committee. Each Club shall receive a . full copy of the draw with games numbered 1 - 4.
(d) All bowls must be stamped in accordance with the Laws of the Sport. The Manfield Cup competition to be covered by the Rules relating to
  Competitions up to the County Final level. The checking of the legaility of woods to be undertaken by a competent person or by the opposing team.
  No objections to the legality of the woods will be made after the first wood is bowled.
(e) All games shall commence by 2.0 p.m. trial ends at 1.50 p.m. In the event of a four failing to put in an appearance by 2.20 p.m. such four shall lose the
  game by 10 shots. The Club of the offending four shall be disqualified from the competition for that year, and shall be allowed to enter the next year
  at the discretion of the Men's Management Committee. The remaining rinks of an offending Club having completed their games as per competition rules,
shall have their final scores, including the extra end, remain in place but will pl;ay no further part in the competition. All games shall consist of 21 ends and
a 22nd end shall be played. A game started, if halted due to inclement weather conditions, a MINIMUM OF SEVEN ENDS must be played to establish
a final score. Commencement of a game due to weather conditions can be delayed for a period of 3 hours, when a minimum of seven ends will be played
to reach a decision. Should no play be possible 10 shots will be awarded to each team and the match be considered a tie..
(f) The competition shall be played on the Saturday of week 26 of Bowls England standardized weeks of the year.
(g) The winning Club will be the one with the largest number of winning rinks and the highest margin of shots. In the event of a tie between two or more
  Clubs the results of the 22nd end shall be taken into account to decide the winnner. In the event of this still resulting in a tie the Men's Competition
  Secretary shall arrane a play off. The host Club representative will forward the scorecards in a stamped addressed envelope to the Men's Competition
  Secretary the same evening. A record of the scores should be kept in case of a loss in the post.
(h) DRESS: All players shall wear cream/white trousers with white belt (or braces which should not be visible) with white above the waist. Coloured
  shirts may be worn if approved by Bowls Northamptonshire, and all members of a rink should wear the same colour. Regulation shoes must be worn.
  Waterproofs (if worn) should be white or custom made jackets approved by Bowls Northamptonshire. The representative of the controlling body at any
  game shall disqualify any rink that he considers are not properly dressed. (Rule 3 (d) will then apply)
(i) Each Club on whose green games are played shall provide teas at a reasonable charge after the end of the game. The Host Club shall appoint a
  competent person to officiate and act as umpire for the day.
(j) The Cup shall be presented to the winning Club at a match against Bowls Northamptonshire Executive (Men) as specified in the Bowls Northamptonshire
  Fixture list. A rink from the second placed Club will be presented with the Runners-up Cup at this match. The trophies to be brought to the Annual
  Luncheon/Dinner for formal presentation. Shields inscribed with the names of the players will be presented at the Annual Luncheon/Dinner and retained
  by the Clubs.
(k) The Competition Committee's decision shall be final in all matters.

26. County League Rules - Inter Club Mixed Competition
(a) The League shall be called the Bowls Northamptonshire County League.
(b) It shall be controlled by BN through the auspices of the Men's Competition Committee
(c) The League shall be open to all men and women of affiliated Clubs in the County.
(d) A "team" shall consist of three rinks of four players who shall each bowl two woods.
(e) All players must be affiliated members of the Club and may only play for one team from the Club during the season. Having played for a team from their
  Club they shall not be permitted to play for another Club during the season.
(f) A game shall consist of 16 ends plus 2 trial ends up to the Finals Day. Matches played on Finals Day will be of 21 ends plus 2 trial ends. Starting time
  for Group matches shall be 10.0 a.m. on Sunday and 6.30 p.m. on week days. The Home Club shall be responsible for paying any necessary rink fees.
(g) Points for League games are: 2 points for a winning rink, 1 point for a tied rink, 4 points for the overall shots winner with 2 points each if the scores are
  the same. Total points for one match is 10. The winning side in each League will be determined by the most points achieved. If this fails to produce a
  winner, most shots up and then secondly most shots scored will be taken into account.
(h) The matches on Finals Day will be determined by the total number of shots scored on all three rinks and if a tie exists at the end of the match a further end
  will be played by a predetermined rink, plus additional ends as necessary until a result is achieved.
(i) The League Co-ordinator must be informed of all cancelled matches stating a reason for the cancellation, and the team making the request. Teams
  cancelling within 48 hours of the match start time will be deemed to be in default and lose the match 10 points to nil. A rearranged game cannot be
rearranged for a second time unless special permission is given by the League Coordinator. All matches and rearranged matches must be played by the
end of week 35. In the case of any match not played the Competition Committee shall make the final decision based on information received from the
original cancellation.
(j) It is the responsibility of the Home Club to confirm the result by telephone to the League Co-ordinator by 10.0 p.m. on the day of the match. All
  score cards to be posted to the League Co-ordinator within 24 hours.
(k) All matches to be played under Bowls England Competition Rules and Regulations
(l) The Competition Committee's decision shall be final in all matters.

(a) The top two teams in each division shall compete in the Final stages.
(b) The Final stages shall take place on a date set by the Competition Committee
(c) The four teams involved shall play 3 x 16 end matches against other teams on a league basis similar to the early rounds (4 points for a match win, 2 points
if a match tie + 2 points for each winning rink and 1 point for each tied rink)
(d) An extra end to be played in the event of a points tied match. One rink to be decided at the start of play by a toss of a coin and declared to the match
official. The extra end will only count in accordance with the following criteria.
(e) The FINAL STAGES to be decided on the greatest number of points, then the greatest shot difference, then shots scored. If neither of of these results in
a winner then the result of the game between the two teams will count.
(f) If the result ended with a tie, then only then, shall the extra end that was played to be used to determine a winner.

27. Presentation of Trophies
(a) All trophies shall be presented to the winner of the Competitions at the conclusion of the Final Rounds and shall be formally presented at the Annual
(b) Each Trophy shall be held for ONE year, and it will be returned to the relevant Competition Secretary not later than the first Saturday in June.
(c) BN will be responsible for insuring all trophies against the usual risks but holders for the time being will otherwise be responsible for safe custody.
(d) BN will be responsible for having trophies engraved with winner's name (s) for presentation at the Annual Dinner/Luncheon. The cost of engraving will be
  borne by Bowls Northamptonshire.

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