Greens Inspectorate Secretary(Elect)
Skene McInnes, 19, Rothersthorpe Road, Far Cotton, Northampton, NN4 8AJ
Tel: 01604 453593 Email:

Gradings: A* A B C Nil



1. Burton Latimer Town BC Public A
2. Corby Forest BC Private A
3. Corby Grampian BC Private A
4. Corby Seagrave House BC Private A (‘A’ Green)
ditto Private A (‘B’ Green)
5. Desborough Town BC Public A*
6. Earls Barton BC Private A
7. Finedon Town BC Public B
8. Geddington & Newton BC Private A*
9. Higham Ferrers Town BC Public A
10. Irchester BC Private A*
11. Ise BC Public B (Ise Valley Rec No. 1 Green)
ditto Public Nil (Ise Valley Rec No. 2 Green)
12. Islip BC Public B
13. Kettering Conservatives BC Private B
14. Kettering Lodge BC Private A
15. Oundle BC Private A*
16. Raunds Conservatives BC Private C
17. Rothwell Manor Park BC Public A
18. Rushden Town BC Private A
19. Stanwick BC Public B
20. Swanspool BC Public A (Swanspool Gdns -Lower ‘A’ Green)
ditto Public B (Swanspool Gdns - Upper ‘B’ Green)
21. Thrapston BC Private A*
22. Wellingborough BC Private A* (Top Green)
ditto Private A (Bottom Green)

Shared Greens
23. Kettering Athletic BC ) Public B (No. 1 Green – Hallwood Road
24. Kettering Midland Band BC ) Public Recreation Ground)
25. Kettering Park BC ) Nil (No.2 Green – Hallwood Road Rec)
26. Irthlingborough CI BC Private A (Rushden Town BC)
27. RBL Mears Ashby BC Public A (Swanspool BC)
28. Northants Retired Police BC Private A* & A (Wellingborough BC)
29. Wellingborough OG’s BC Private A* & A (Wellingborough BC)

North Area Coordinator: Martin Cinato, 314 Bath Road, Kettering, NN16 9LT
Telephone: 01536 485111 Mobile: 07886092889

Women’s Comp Secretary: Eleanor Winters, 55, Browning Walk, Corby, NN17 2NF
Telephone: 01536 205918


Grades: A* A B C Nil grade/not inspected

Club Type Grading at 30.9.13.

1. Abington BC Private A*
2. Brackley & District BC Private A*
3. Bugbrooke BC Private A*
4. Byfield B Public B
5. Carlsberg BC Public B (Far Cotton Rec Bottom Green)
Nil (Far Cotton Rec Upper Green)
6. Cold Ashby BC Private A
7. Cogenhoe BC Private A
8. Daventry Tigers BC Private A
9. Daventry Town BC Private A*
10. Golden Horse BC Public B (Kingsthorpe Rec ‘C’ Green)
Nil (Kingsthorpe Rec 2 other greens)
11. Harpole BC Private A
12. Heyford BC Private B
13. Kingsthorpe Private A*
14. Kislingbury BC Private A*
15. Northampton BBOB BC Public A (Abington Park ‘A’ Green)
Nil (Abington Park ‘B’ Green)
16. Northampton Express BC Private A* (Duston Sports Centre – graded May 2014)
17. Northampton West End BC Private A
18. Northampton Whyte Melville BC Private A*
19. Roade BC Private A*
20. St Crispin BC Private A*
21. West Haddon BC Private A
22. Wootton Grange BC Private A*

South Area Coordinator: Ken Court, 2, Valley Rise, Brackley, NN34BJ
Tel: 01280 703624

Women’s Comp. Secretary: Eleanor Winters, 55, Browning Walk, Corby, NN17 2NF
Tel: 01536 205918

Most of the County's Greens were graded from earlier inspections, and it is recognised that the Inspectorate will need to inspect those that have not been inspected in the last year to get an up to date appraisal of the gradings.
It was agreed that the number of grades to be allocated would be increased by one, an A* grade, to recognise the highest marks obtained within the present marking system.

A meeting of the Inspectorate was held in April, and allocations of greens to Inspectors was made.


Skene McInnes, St Crispin BC
19, Rothersthorpe Road, Far Cotton, Northampton
Tel. 01604 453593 Email:

John Church, MBE, Higham Ferrers Town BC
Ken Court, Brackley BC
Martin Horsham, Brackley BC
Peter Saunders, Kislingbury BC
Don Smith, Abington BC
Roger Pain, Brackley BC
Brenice Willmott, Irchester BC
George Willmott, Irchester BC

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