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National Triples Championship

1950 Finalists G. Wills, F. Tye, G. Fox (Rushden Town)
1953 Finalists F.V.V. Purser, A.F. Knight, C.J. Knight (Abington)
1964 Finalists S.H. Carter, R. Brook, R.H. Stenhouse (Wellingborough)
1965 WINNERS E. Willson, L. Coker, D.E. Cooper (Kettering Lodge)
1968 WINNERS H.F. Sturgess, J.A. Forster, R.J. Crawley (Wellingborough)
1969 WINNERS E. Randall, G.T. Wills, D.E. Cooper (Rushden Town)
1970 Semi-finalists S. Holden, L.J. Clarke, H.V. Goodwin (Peterborough & District)
1982 Finalists J.H. Clipston, E.O. Thomason, E.P. Tredwell (Kingsthorpe)
1984 Finalists C.Bussey,R.A. Donoghue, A.T. Holmes (Kettering Lodge)
2008 WINNERS R. Mann, R.G. Tansley, V.C. Gearey (Kingsthorpe)

National Fours Championship

1909 WINNERS J.T. Goode, C. Vorley, J.W. Bellamy, G.P. Coe (Wellingborough)
1912 WINNERS A.J. Rowe, C.S. Jinks, T. Lee, C.C. Jinks (Wellingborough)
1921 Finalists S. Booth, R. Dexter, C. Vorley, W.J. Mitchell (Wellingborough)
1946 Semi-finalists G. Gold, A. Bullock, A. Crossan, R. Dewar (Corby Stewarts & Lloyds)
1950 Semi-finalists G. Main, G. Nimmo, A.B. Maltman, D. Fletcher (Corby Stewarts & Lloyds)
1954 Finalists W.J. Stone, F.V.V. Purser, C.J. Knight, A.F. Knight (Abington)
1963 WINNERS* S.H. Carter, E.F. Marchant, L. Hough, R.H. Stenhouse (Wellingborough)
1964 Semi-finalists J. West, D. Houghton, F. Mellows, E. Smith (Finedon Town)
1986 Semi-finalists C. Manning, T.C. Clipston, C. Tate, T.T. James (Thrapston)
2002 Semi-finalists N.C. Rees, D. Lyman, E.M. Allen, P.J. Broderick (Wellingborough)
2012 WINNERS Mark Corbyn, Darren Lyman, Neil Corbyn, Paul Broderick (Wellingborough)

National Junior Singles Championship

1984 Semi-finalist M.Fowler (Corby Forest)
1990 Semi-finalist P.J. Broderick (Wellingborough)
2011 WINNER J R Walker (Northampton West End)
2012 Finalist J R Walker (Northampton West End)
2012 Semi-finalist C Height (Thrapston)
2013 WINNER J R Walker (Northampton West End) 
* Denotes Finalists in British Isles Championships

National Club Two Fours Competition

1986 Semi-finalists Pianoforte Supplies 2000 WINNERS Desborough Town
1997 WINNERS Desborough Town 2003 Finalists Kingsthorpe

National Champion of Champions Singles Competition

1996 WINNER T.T. James (Thrapston)
2002 WINNER M.D. Sharpe (Kingsthorpe)
2003 Finalist M.D. Sharpe (Kingsthorpe)
2005 WINNER P.J. Broderick (Wellingborough)
2012 Semi-finalist J R Walker (Northampton West End)

National County Top Four Competition (discontinued)

1994 Semi-finalists 2003 Finalists
2002 Semi-finalists

National County Top Two Fours Competition

2006 Semi-finalists 2010 Semi-Finalists

National County Under 25’s Two Fours Competition

1994 Finalists 1999 Finalists

National Mixed Pairs Competition

1987 WINNERS Mr & Mrs T.T. James (Thrapston)
1990 Semi-finalists Mr & Mrs A.J.Gearey (Pianoforte Supplies)
1997 Semi-finalists Mrs D. Bowtle & V.C. Gearey (Pianoforte Supplies)
2003 Semi-finalists Mr & Mrs R.G. Tansley (Kingsthorpe)
2004 WINNERS Miss T. Burgess & P.J. Broderick (Wellingborough)
2005 Semi-finalists Miss T. Burgess & P.J. Broderick (Wellingborough)
2007 WINNERS Miss T. Burgess & P.J. Broderick (Wellingborough)

National Mixed Fours Competition

2005 WINNERS Miss T. Burgess, Miss K. Leveridge, D. Lyman,
P.J. Broderick (Irchester/Wellingborough)
2006 Semi-finalists Miss T. Burgess, Miss K. Leveridge, D. Lyman,
P.J. Broderick (Irchester/Wellingborough)
2008 Semi-finalists Miss T. Burgess, Miss K. Leveridge, D. Lyman,
P.J. Broderick (Irchester/Wellingborough)

National Under 18s Singles Competition (discontinued)

1993 Finalist N.D. McKee (Kingsthorpe)

National 55s & Over Competitions


1994 WINNER T.T. James (Thrapston)
2000 Finalist T.T. James (Thrapston)
2006 WINNER J.M. Haines (Desborough Town)
2007 Semi-finalist J.M. Haines (Desborough Town)


1988 Semi-finalists R.G. Smith & G.T. Wills (Kettering Lodge)
1991 Finalists T.C. Clipston & T.T. James (Thrapston)
2001 Finalists D. Weston & D. Crowson (Kingsthorpe)
2013 Finalists R A Fuller & J M Haines (Wellingborough/Desborough Town)

National 60s & Over Competitions (discontinued)
1982 WINNER C. Bussey (Kettering Lodge)
1987 Semi-finalist D. Abel (Wellingborough)


1986 Finalists F. Newcombe & R. Stapleton (Wellingborough)

Photo 10 Nat Triples Winners 1

Roger Tansley, Richard Mann, Vernon Gearey

Wellingboro Rink

Wellingborough Fours Winners Paul Broderick, Neil Corbyn, Mark Corbyn, Darren Lyman

Joan B & Jamie 2

Joan Balding, BE President with Jamie Walker


Paul Broderick...


Tina & Paul Broderick


Tina Broderick,Darren Lyman, Paul Broderick, Karen Leveridge

Bob Fuller & John Haines - Nat Runners-up Over 55 Pairs

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