England Senior Internationals

Bettles, J.H. Irthlingborough C.I. 1956-8

Gold Medallist in Fours, British Empire & Commonwealth Games, Cardiff, Wales 1958

Broderick, P.J.     Wellingborough 1993, 2006

Played in Test Series v Wales, Cheltenham, 2006

Bull, A.H. Wellingborough 1926-7, 1930, 1933-9, 1946-9

Captain of England, 1939

Bull, G.S. Wellingborough 1926-8, 1930-4, 1936

Captain of England, 1930

Played in Test Series v Australia, 1930

Chapman, W.J. Kettering Lodge 1946

Cinato C, Kettering Midland Band BC   2019-2020

Cooper, D.E. Kettering Lodge 1964-6

Played in Triples & Fours in 1st World Bowls Championships, Sydney, Australia, 1966

Dobson, W.R. Kettering Lodge 1924

Forster, J.A. Wellingborough 1973

Goldsmith, M.E. County Ground 1928

Lee, T. Wellingborough 1923

Mason, F. Kettering Conservatives 1961

Mason, J.C.P. Kettering Conservatives 1935

McKee, N.D. Kingsthorpe 2001-3, 2005-07

Mitchell, W.J. Wellingborough 1929

Shatford, F. Kettering Conservatives 1921-2, 1924-5

Stenhouse, R.H. Wellingborough 1962-72

Played in Triples & Fours in 1st World Bowls Championships, Sydney, Australia, 1966

Captain of England, 1970

Captain of England, British Commonwealth Games, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1970

England Team Manager, World Bowls Championships, Worthing, England, 1972

England Team Manager, Commonwealth Games, Edmonton, Canada, 1978

England Team Manager, World Bowls Championships, South Africa, 1976

England Team Manager, World Bowls Championships, Australia, 1980

England Team Manager, Commonwealth Games, 1982

England Team Manager, World Bowls Championships, Aberdeen, Scotland, 1984

Walker Jamie    Northampton West End                  2012-2020

Wills, G.T. Kettering Lodge 1974

Wright, G. Kettering Lodge 1921-2


England International Trialists

Allen, E.M. Wellingborough 1981-2

Carter, S.H. Wellingborough 1965-7

Clipston, J.H. Kingsthorpe 1982

Corbyn, N. Wellingborough 2001-5

Drage, H.A. Wellingborough 1969

Gargate, R. Abington 1960-61

Gearey V.C. Kingsthorpe 2010-11

Harris, J.A. Rushden Town 1930, 1933-4

Holmes, A.T. Kettering Lodge 1985

James, T.T.            Thrapston 1987-8, 1991

King, R.S.T. Abington 1971

Knight, A.F. Abington 1946-7, 1958-9

Knight, H.E. Rushden Town 1938

Lee, F.J. Abington 1950-1

Letts, S.C. Northampton West End 1981

Letts, S.P. Northampton West End 1988-90

Mason, C. Kettering Conservatives 1964

Mason, N.F. Kettering Conservatives 1961-2

Morgan, T.L. County Ground 1968

Rees, N.C. Wellingborough 1996, 2003

Richards, J.N. County Ground 1926

Sturgess, H.F. Earls Barton 1949

Tansley, R.G. Kingsthorpe 1991

Tebbutt, A. County Ground 1924

Tredwell, E.P. Kingsthorpe 1983-4

Underwood, H.      Rushden Town 1935-8

Wade, D.S. Kingsthorpe 1989

Under 25 England Internationals

Bland, C. Northampton Express 2000

Broderick, P.J. Wellingborough 1991-92

Cinato C    Kettering Midland Band BC 2016-2020

Corbyn, N. Rushden Town 1995-96, 1999

Wellingborough 2000

Height C   Thrapston BC     2014-2015

Lemon, R. Northampton Express 2006-07

Played in Junior Test Series v Jersey, Southampton, 2007

Letts, S.P. Northampton West End 1990-91

McKee, N.D. Kingsthorpe 1995-2000

Played in Junior Test Series, Newcastle, Australia, 1997

England Team Captain, International Series, Worthing, 1999

Played in Junior Test Series, Spalding, 2000

England Team, International Series, Ayr, Scotland, 2000

Pitfield Adam, Burton Latimer Town BC  2019

Rees, N.C. Wellingborough 1994

Walker Danny    Northampton West End BC  2019

Walker, I.W. Kingsthorpe 1991

Walker J.R. Northampton West End 2010-2016


Under 25 England International Trialists

Chester, M. Wellingborough 2006-07

Corbyn, M. Rushden Town 1997

Graham, D                        Northampton Express 2010

Tate, S. Thrapston 1992-3


National Championships and Competitions


National Singles Championship


1910 WINNER      F. Shatford (Kettering Conservative)

1923 Semi-finalist W.R. Dobson (Kettering Conservative)

1925 Semi-finalist J.N. Richards (County Ground)

1926 Semi-finalist W.J. Mitchell (Wellingborough)

1938 Semi-finalist C.J. Keeler (Rushden Town)

1951 Semi-finalist B. Knowles (Northampton West End)

1963 Semi-finalist Colin Mason (Kettering Conservative)

1968 Semi-finalist R.H. Stenhouse (Wellingborough)

1969 Semi-finalist R.S.T. King (Abington)

1990 Semi-finalist T.T. James (Thrapston)

1994 Semi-finalist A.C. Manton (Kingsthorpe)

1997 Semi-finalist P.J. Broderick (Wellingborough)

2012      Semi-finalist                 J R Walker (Northampton West End)

2017      Winner                          J R Waalker, Northampton West End

2017      Finalist                          D Childs, Northampton West End

2018      Semi-finalist                  D Childs, Northampton West End

2019      Finalist                           J R Walker, Northampton West End


National Pairs Championship


1923 Semi-finalists A.G. Spence & F. Shatford (Kettering Lodge)

1928 WINNERS W. Pendered & W.J. Mitchell (Wellingborough)

1932 WINNERS A.H. Bull & G.S. Bull (Wellingborough)

1938 Semi-finalists W. Dainty & T. Goode (Wellingborough)

1945 Finalists W.T. Lawton & A.F. Knight (Abington)

1949 Semi-finalists F. Mason & J.C.P. Mason (Kettering Conservative)

1957 Semi-finalists W.J. Stone & A.F. Knight (Abington)

1965 Semi-finalists S.H. Carter & R.H. Stenhouse (Wellingborough)

1967 WINNERS* T.L. Morgan & J. Hope (County Ground)

1969 Semi-finalists G.T. Wills & D.E. Cooper (Rushden Town)

1986 Semi-finalists C. Manning & T.T. James (Thrapston)

1999 WINNERS* B. Fokerd & P.J. Broderick (Wellingborough)

2008 Semi-finalists N.C. Rees & P.J. Broderick (Wellingborough)

2011 Semi-finalists S Marriott & J Walker (Northampton West End)

2015      Semi-Finalists             P Broderick & P Exley, Burton Latimer Town

2018      Quarter Finalists         Will Walker & David Walker, Northampton West End


Richard Lemon

Jamie Walker

Neil McKee

Paul Broderick

Jamie Walker