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For Quarter Finals, Semi-Finals, and Finals see below

BN Women's County Finals will be held on Saturday, 20th and Sunday, 21st July, 2013, at Burton Latimer Town BC




The Quarter Finals and Semi-Finals of the County Fours were held at Kettering Lodge BC on Sunday, 18th May, 2014, with the following results:


Quarter Finals:


1. Michelle Harris, Celia Morris, Hilary Sharpe & Sharon Tansley, Kingsthorpe BC beat Margaret Taylor, May Wiggins, Wilma Walker & Eleanor Winters, Corby Forest BC 23-15 shots

2. Sarah Beale, Sue Hagon, Betty Johns & Joan Sidebottom, Roade BC beat Sheila Gallagher, Agnes McArthur, Nancy Tebbutt & Pat Mattinson, Thrapston 26-18 shots

3. Joyce George, Phyll Parry, Jean Frisby & Susan Fincham, Wellingborough BC beat Mary Minney, Abbi Johnson-Young, Jackie Walker & Janet Ashby, Northampton West End BC 22-14 shots

4. Maggie Edwards, Jasmin Spear, Yvonne McKee & Brenda Bishop, Kingsthorpe BC beat Margaret Watts, Sue Edwards, Rebecca Wigfield & Sharon Hall, Desborough Town BC 22-18 shots




1. Sharon Tansley’s rink (above) beat Joan Sidebottom’s rink (above) 20-14 shots


2. Brenda Bishop’s rink (above) beat Susan Fincham’s rink (above) 26-11


It will therefore be an all Kingsthorpe BC Final at Abington BC in July, when Brenda Bishop’s rink plays that of Sharon Tansley.