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The men of Bowls Northamptonshire Men’s Section, entertained Oxfordshire men to a ‘Middleton Cup’ practice match at Kingsthorpe BC on Saturday, 13th May, 2017, and after a competitive contest between 2 sides that were certainly taking the matter seriously, the visitors came out on top by the fairly modest total of 13 shots, although County President Laurie Harrison called it a draw as both Counties had 3 winning rinks!

In fact Oxfordshire were always just in front from the start, picking up 7 shots to 2 conceded on the very first end, and although the advantage in shots fluctuated a little, with the visitors being 22 shots up at around the halfway mark, the County fought back over the next few ends to reduce the deficit to just 10 shots with 15 ends played by all rinks.

The highest scoring rink for the County was that skipped by Connor Cinato, which posted a 7 shots win, and that win looked a little unlikely at the 11 ends played mark when he was 7-15 shots adrift, but a big count of 6 shots on the 12th end set him and his rink on the recovery road well and truly for from that point on his opponents were able to collect just 2 shots as he was picking up 11 shots.

Mark Tompkins of Kingsthorpe, playing his first County match on moving to Kingsthorpe from another County, skipped a winning rink, albeit by just 1 shot, and he likewise did not look as though it was likely when he was 9-16 shots in deficit after 12 ends of play, but 2 consecutive collections of 5 shots soon changed that, and although his rink did go behind 19-21, the collection of a count of 4 shots was helpful to enable him to finally clinch the win after being tied at 24 shots with 1 end to play.

The other winning rink for the County was that of long serving Middleton Cup player, Roger Tansley, and he had a really good tight tussle with former County man Ray Gaskins, with hardly more than 1 or 2 shots between the 2 rinks throughout the match, so it was no surprise to find them level with 1 end to go which the County managed to win by 1 shot.

Final score was Northamptonshire 111 shots – Oxfordshire 124 shots. Rink scores, Oxon skips only, as follows:

Rink 1. Dave Love, David Walker, Richard Lemon & Mark Tompkins 25 shots – Steve Witcombe 24 shots
Rink 2. Keith Height, Ashley Linnell, Alan Ashby & Darren Childs 11 shots – Paul Sharman 21 shots
Rink 3. Adam Pitfield, Daniel Height, Peter Ward & Andrew Manton 19 shots – Nick Rae-Walsh 20 shots
Rink 4. Curtis Johnson, Connor Rollings, John Freeman & Jim McKee 14 shots – David Leighfield 25 shots
Rink 5. Adam Brown, Jonathan Brown, Will Walker & Roger Tansley 18 shots – Ray Gaskins 17 shots
Rink 6. Danny Walker, Shaun Marriott, Martin Gearey & Connor Cinato 24 shots – Mark Sykes 17 shots


The men of the Jackson Grundy sponsored Bowls Northamptonshire visited Long Eaton Town BC on Saturday, 20th May, 2017, for the first of the season’s competitive matches, a Midland Counties Match against Derbyshire, and a very good start to the season it was too, for a victory by 25 shots was achieved. The County had 3 winning rinks, 1 that tied, and 2 losing, albeit by the total of 6 shots only. The highest of the County’s rinks was that skipped by Jonathan Brown with a 15 shots win, but not far behind with a 14 shots win was that skipped by Jamie Walker.
The match started better for Derbyshire as they had a 6 shots lead overall after 5 ends of play, but the County men soon got their game together and by 10 ends had got themselves a 5 shots lead. They built on that for the rest of the match to achieve the excellent win.
Final score was Northamptonshire 130 shots (17 points) - Derbyshire 105 shots (5 points). Rink details as follows, Derbyshire skips only:

Rink 1. David Iddles, Phil Reeve, Andrew Burrows & Jamie Walker 27 shots – L Jinks 13 shots
On picking up a massive count of 5 shots on the very first end, the rink looked set for a promising victory, but Les Jinks’ men struck back quickly and at 7 ends played were level on 7 shots each.. Jamie’s colleagues managed to keep their noses in front, just, and after 12 ends were just 1 shot in front, but the next 3 ends were very good for them as they picked up 8 shots to take a good lead. Derbyshire did pick up 3 more shots by the end, but as the County men picked up 9 more shots the victory was comfortable in the end.

Rink 2. Dave Love, David Walker, Richard Lemon & Mark Tompkins 24 shots – J Bowley 26 shots
The match started badly for Mark and his men as they dropped a count of 5 & 3 on the first 2 ends, but they were not daunted by this for they picked up 9 shots in the next 3 ends without reply to take a 1 shot lead. The ‘topsy turvy’ nature continued, for the very next end the County dropped a count of 5 shots to go behind, but in picking up 7 shots in the next 3 ends without reply they went back in front 16-13 shots. Derbyshire had the better of the next 6 ends in scoring 7 shots to the County’s 1 shot to go back in front 20-17, but as previously the County jumped back in the lead when picking up 7 shots on the next 3 ends without reply, but Derbyshire had the ‘last laugh’ for the last 3 ends of the match all went their way for the 2 shots win.

Rink 3. Danny Walker, Shaun Marriott, Martin Gearey & Vernon Gearey 16 shots – J Arnett 20 shots
After 5 ends of play the County’s men were 1-6 shots down, but the 6th end remedied that for a big pick up of 5 shots levelled things for them, but unfortunately the next 3 ends all went to Derbyshire as they picked up 6 shots to go in front again, and by the end of the 13th it was looking a bit worrying for the County as they were then 9 shots adrift. Vernon’s men, however fought back well to within 3 shots with 4 ends left, but their recovery was not maintained and they lost by 4 shot

Rink 4. Adam Brown, Adam Pitfield, Peter Ward & Jonathan Brown 25 shots – M Allsopp 10 shots
This was a match where the County rink completely dominated play for the first 12 ends of play. Jonathan’s men denied Derbyshire a single point for 9 ends whilst they accumulated 13 shots, and then after conceding 1 shot on the next end, picked up 5 more on the next 2 ends to hold a substantial lead of 18-1 shots. This sort of lead does not normally last, and although Derbyshire did collect 6 more shots, they were still being trounced by 18 shots when playing the last end. Derbyshire picked up their 2nd count of 3 shots on that last end, it being only the 5th end that they had won in this contest.

Rink 5. Chris Gray, Ashley Linnell, Michael Moulton & Darren Childs 18 shots – P Broughton 18 shots
Darren’s men started by dropping a count of 4 on the first end, but then reciprocated by collecting a 4 themselves, which was followed by another 4 and a 2 to Phil Broughton’s men, which put them in front at 10-5 shots. From that point on the match was very tight with few shots given away by either rink, and the scores were level at 12 each after 11 ends, 14 each after 14 ends and 17 each after 19 ends. 1 shot each on the last 2 ends saw what was almost inevitably a tie.

Rink 6. Peter Hoad, Connor Rollings, Tony O’Leary & John Freeman 20 shots – A Poynton 18 shots
Senior Vice President Peter Hoad was called into service due to the withdrawal of Curtis Johnson, and although scoring first, with a single shot on the 1st end, he and his colleagues then dropped 7 shots without reply on the next 4 ends. An exchange of singles saw the gap remain at 6 shots, but the next 5 ends were good to the County for they picked up 8 shots to 1 conceded to take the lead by 1. This must have given Derbyshire a ‘wake up’ call for the next 4 ends saw them take the lead 18-10 as they collected 9 shots without reply, and with 5 ends left to play a win for the County on this rink looked a bit doubtful. The County men, however, were full of resolve and those 5 ends all went their way, and in collecting 10 shots they won their match.


The men of the Jackson Grundy sponsored Bowls Northamptonshire visited Avenue BC, Coventry on Saturday, 29th July, 2017, for a Midland Counties match against Warwickshire, and after a very close affair the County came back victorious by the small margin of 6 shots. The rink wins were shared, and the highest scoring for the County was skipped by Mark Tompkins and it posted a very creditable 14 shots victory. Final score was Northamptonshire 104 shots (16 points) – Warwickshire 98 shots (6 points). Rink details as follows, Warwickshire skips only:

Rink 1. Colin Barnes, John Freeman, Peter Ward & Andrew Manton 9 shots – Craig Carter 18 shots
The home rink began this match meaning business as they collected 5 shots in the first 3 ends, and after dropping 1 shot, they added 3 more singles to be leading 8-1 after 7 ends. Andrew and his men struck back very firmly on the next 2 ends by picking up 5 shots themselves to reduce the deficit to 2 shots. There then followed 10 ends in which only 1 shot was scored on each, an indication of the closeness of the competition, but unfortunately for the County all but one of those singles went to Andrew’s men, for a deficit of 10 shots to appear with 2 ends to play. 2 shots to the County on the first end, followed by a single against on the last, saw the 9 shots victory to Warwicks.

Rink 2. David Iddles, Martin Gearey, Richard Lemon & Mark Tompkins 24 shots – Calvin Wells 10 shots
After dropping 1 shot on the first end, Mark and his men ‘went to town’ on their opponents and picked up 11 shots without reply to lead 11-1 after 6 ends. At 10 ends played the advantage to the County had grown to 13 shots at 16-3. 5 ends later the gap had risen to 16 shots at 22-6 up. The last 6 ends resulted in just a single shot on each end, and Warwicks won 4 of them to reduce their arrears to 14 shots, but still a very good victory for the County.

Rink 3. Connor Rollings, Daniel Height, Jim McKee & Jamie Walker 15 shots – Brian Boardman 20 shots
The County’s rink had the better of the first half of the match, after several very tight ends, when they picked up a big score of 5, followed by a 2 on the 9th & 10th ends, to lead 11-4. The next 5 ends went more in favour of Warwicks. As they picked up 5 shots compared to Jamie’s 2, for the gap to narrow, and when they collected a count of 4 on the 16th end, the scores were levelled at 13 each with 5 ends left. Those 5 ends went to Warwicks. 7-2 in shots for them to take the win.

Rink 4. Chris Gray, Ashley Linnell, P{aul Green & Darren Childs 20 shots – Dan Box 15 shots
This was a keenly fought match, with few shots between the two rinks for the first half, with the scores level at 6 shots each after 6 ends, and 10-9 in favour of the home rink after 10 ends. The next 3 ends went very much in Darren and his men’s favour as they collected 6 shots to lead by 5, but when Warwicks collected 4 shots to 1 by the County, the advantage was reduced to just 2 shots with 5 ends left to play. Thos 5 ends provided 5 single shot counts on each, and as Darren’s men took 4 of them, the County took the 5 shots win.

Rink 5. Dave Love, Simon Coles, Jonathan Brown & Vernon Gearey 19 shots – Neil Hancock 14 shots
What a great first half for Team Manager Vernon and his rink, as they only allowed Warwicks. 1 shot in the first 9 ends of play, whilst they scored 15 shots themselves, but Warwickshire hit back over the next 6 ends, with a string of 5 single shots, followed by a big count of 5 on the 15th end, to greatly reduce their deficit to 4 shots at 11-15. 3 singles followed, 2 for the home rink, for the gap to be squeezed a little further to 3 shots with 3 ends left, but the County men won 2 of those ends and dropped just a single on the last for their 5 shots victory.

Rink 6. Adam Brown, Dave Vernon, Michael Moulton & Roger Tansley 17 shots – Andy Smith 21 shots
This match was a very even affair for most of its duration, with scores level at various stages, and the lead changing hands several times too. Roger’s rink scored first and after 5 ends had a 5-3 advantage, but after being level on 7 each after 8 ends, Warwicks. Got themselves 2 shots ahead at 10-8 with 11 ends played. The next 3 ends all went to the County rink for a lead of 3 shots, which the home rink overcame on the next end to tie things up again, and with a single to each rink the scores were again level with 4 ends to play. A count of 3 on the 18th end gave the promise of a County win, but Warwicks. Had other ideas, and they collected a big count of 5 shots, followed by 2 single, on the 19th, 20th & 21st ends for their victory.

Although this was a very good win under any normal circumstances, the Midland Counties Championship looks as though it might have evaded the County for with one match left, against Leicestershire, nothing less than a 21 points victory in that encounter on the 12th August, 2017, will suffice for the County to lift the Championship.

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