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Another great result for the men in the Midland Counties Championship – a hefty win against Lincolnshire.

Team Manager Phil Reeve was obviously delighted that the selected players for the Men’s Section of the Jackson Grundy sponsored Bowls Northamptonshire had another excellent win against Lincolnshire on Saturday, 26th May, 2018, at Kettering Lodge BC. He was obliged to make 2 changes from his original team, replacing Sam Gamble with Danny Walker, as skip of the young rink from the Under 25’s, and replacing Callum Height as skip with Alan Ashby on another rink, due to Callum being unwell.
The match started very well for the County and after 5 ends of play a lead of 13 shots had been obtained, but the next 5 end saw the lead more than double to 29 shots at 68-39, and 5 ends later, so great was the dominance by the County, the advantage had more than doubled to 61 shots. Lincolnshire did stem the rate of their deficit over the last 6 ends, but still had to suffer a defeat by 70 shots. The County had 5 winning rinks and 1 drawn, so just missed out on the achievement of last week when a maximum tally of points was achieved.
The highest scoring rink for the County was that skipped by Jamie Walker, which posted a massive 29 shots victory.
The final score was Northamptonshire 153 shots (21 points) – Lincolnshire 83 shots (1 point). Rink details as follows, Lincs skips only:

Rink 1. David Iddles, Steve Norman, Peter Ward & Andrew Manton 23 shots – Terry Berridge 12 shots

After dropping a single on the 1st end, the County scored on the next 3 ends for a lead of 5-1, and from that point on, although not initially getting away from the opposition by more than a few shots, Andrew and his men were 10-5 up after 10 ends. The next few ends were evenly played with Lincolnshire reducing their deficit by 1 at 10-14 after 14 ends, but the last 7 ends went very much in the County’s favour with the rink collecting 9 shots to the 2 picked up by Lincolnshire.

Rink 2. David Walker, Ashley Linnell, Chris Bland & Jamie Walker 33 shots – Andrew Bird 4 shots

This match was just a hammering for Lincolnshire, with Jamie and his men totally dominant from the very first end to the last, and they allowed their opponents to score just 4 singles throughout the match. The County men were 7-1 up after 5 ends, and 14-2 up after 10 ends, at which point Lincs were stuck on 2 shots for another 7 ends as Jamie and his men raced to 30 shots. Just 4 ends left and Lincs did win 2 of them, but the County added a further 3 shots in their winning 2 of them, the last end producing a single from a very lucky bowl!

Rink 3. Tony O’Leary, Mick Spear, Roger Tansley & Vernon Gearey 28 shots – Jordan Philpott 13 shots

At 5 ends the County had a 7-0 shots lead, and although Lincs did pick up 4 on the next 2 ends, Vernon & his men doubled their score at 10 ends to lead 14-4. After picking up 2 on the 11th end, Lincs stayed on 6 for another 6 ends as Vernon and his men doubled their score again to 28 and a lead of 22, but the last 4 ends all went the way of the visitors as they picked up 7 shots to more than double their total shots.

Rink 4. Connor Rollings, Kieran Rollings, Adam Pitfield & Danny Walker 23 shots – John Dawson 18 shots

This was a rink of Under 25 players with the Rollings brothers at the front end, and after 5 ends of play Lincs had a handy lead 8-3, but they then got marooned on that 8 for 8 ends whilst the County men scored 15 shots for an excellent lead at 18-8. The next 3 ends saw the gap closed by 6 shots, which included a 4 count for the visitors to be just 14-18 adrift, but end 17 was good for Danny and his men for they picked up a 4 for an 8 shot lead with 4 ends left. Lincs won the first 3 of those to threaten at 18-22 down with one end left, but that end was won by the County rink for their modest victory.

Rink 5. Keith Height, John Freeman, Matt Pownall & Alan Ashby 18 shots – Wayne Phoenix 18 shots

After picking up a single on the first end the County rink was kept waiting for their next score for 5 ends, during which time the visitors picked up 8 shots, but over the next 9 ends Alan and his men outscored Lincs in picking up 11 shots to the 4 by Lincs, for the match to be tied at 12 shots each with 6 ends to play. 3 ends later Lincs had got a 5 shots lead at 17-12, reduced by a pick-up of 2 by Alan’s men, and with 1 end left to play the County were 4 shots adrift. That last end could so nearly have given Alan and his men victory, but they had to settle for a very good pick up of 4 shots to tie the match.

Rink 6. Dave Love, Simon Coles, John Haines & Darren Childs 28 shots – Keith Taplin 18 shots

A first end pick up of 5 shots is always very welcome, and after dropping a single on the 2nd end, Darren and his men picked up a 4 to take a very good lead 9-1 after just 3 ends, but that advantage was almost wiped away over the next 4 ends as Lincs closed the gap to just 2 shots at 8-10 down. After 15 ends of play Darren and his men were 18-11 up, but at 18 ends they had not shaken Lincs off as they were just 6 shots ahead at 21-15. The 19th end, however, saw the biggest pick-up of the match, across the whole green, a 6 in favour of the County for a very good lead of 12 shots playing the last 2 ends. Lincs picked up a 3 and the County a single for the 10 shots County victory


The Under 25 men of the Jackson Grundy sponsored Bowls Northamptonshire played their counterparts from Suffolk in the 1st Round of the ‘White Rose Trophy’ Inter County double rink competition, on the morning of Sunday, 20th May, 2018, at Rookery BC, Stowmarket, Suffolk, and they had an excellent win 44-26 shots, with both rinks winning. Details as follows, Suffolk skips only:

Rink 1. Adam Pitfield, Kieran Rollings, Will Walker & David Walker 18 shots – L Harris 16 shots

As the final score indicates, this match was pretty close, with firstly the County rink taking a lead after 3 ends, and then Suffolk overtaking them and building a 9-5 lead, and maintaining a lead right through to the 19th end when they were 16-13 shots up. A collection of 4 shots by David and his men on the 20th end retook the lead and a final score of 1 on the 21st end cemented a good win against a very strong opposition.

Rink 2. Danny Walker, Sam Gamble, Nathan Betts & Connor Cinato 26 shots – C Leeks 10 shots

In this contest the County rink was initially just 1 shot adrift after 3 ends, but with the next 3 going their way, they picked up 8 shots for a 9-2 lead, and although Suffolk came back at them over the next couple of ends to reduce Connor and his men’s advantage to just 2 shots at 9-7, the County won the next 4 ends for a very good 17-7 lead with 9 ends left. After dropping 2 shots on the 13th end, the County won the next 5 ends, and posted 9 shots for a 26-9 lead, and when Suffolk could score just 1 on the 19th end the match was over.

This puts the County through to the Regional Finals against either Essex or Norfolk.


The men of the Men’s Section of the Jackson Grundy sponsored Bowls Northamptonshire visited Bilton BC, Rugby, to play a match on the 75th Anniversary of the Rugby Bowling Association, and with just 1 losing rink, and then by only 1 shot, the County had a massive win by 51 shots. The highest scoring rink for the County was that skipped by Brian Jones which posted a 23 shots win. The County was pleased to record the first outing with the presentation of a ‘Colt’ badge to 2 players from Abington BC - Alan Mann and Alan Johnson.
The final score was Northamptonshire 135 shots – Rugby BA 84. Rink details as follows, Rugby skips only:

Rink 1. Paul Cooke, John Davies, Dave Stewart & Tim Robinson 24 shots – Steve Thorgood 9 shots

After 4 ends the County had a 4-1 lead, and then Tim and his men picked up a massive count of 7 shots to give them a very good lead, and after 10 ends of play the lead was still impressive at 18-2. 5 ends later the County’s lead was still 17 shots, and although Rugby picked up more shots over the last 6 ends than the County they could not reach double figures.

Rink 2. Harvey Fruish, John Chester, Bob Tingle & Richard Somerton 19 shots – Bill Humphris 19 shots

Rugby started this match much the better and after 10 ends of play were 12-8 up, and 5 ends later still 4 in front at 16-12, but the last 6 ends of play were much better for Richard and his men as they picked up 7 shots to the 3 by Rugby, for an honourable draw.

Rink 3. Alan Mann, Tony Warren, Keith Thatcher & Geoff Hunt 17 shots – Pete Storer 18 shots

This was a very closely contested match, which after starting well with a 5-0 lead after 3 ends, Geoff & his men were level at 6 shots each after 8 ends, and 5 ends later Rugby had got themselves a healthy 15-7 lead. The next 5 ends, however, all went Geoff’s way and he tied up the match at 15 each with 3 ends left to play, and the last 3 ends went Rugby’s way 3-2 for the smallest possible loss by the County rink.

Rink 4. Reg Jones, Alan Johnson, Mossy Waters & Terry James 22 shots – Pete Dymond 13 shots

After dropping a single on the first end, Terry and his men scored well over the next 4 ends for a very good lead 9-1 , and although Rugby reduced theirr deficit to 6-11, a good pickup of 4 on the next end gave the County a good lead again. With 7 ends left to play Terry’s lead was 6 shots, but over the next 5 ends that was increased to 12 shots at 22-10, and with Rugby picking up 3 shots on the last 2 ends the County had a decent win.

Rink 5. John Higginbottom, Bob Brogden, Peter Kitchener & Brian Jones 32 shots – Brian Bateman 9 shots

At the halfway stage of this match one might have wondered if Rugby was going to score at all, for Brian and his men piled on 20 shots without conceding a shot for a big lead 20-0, and included in this run of winning ends was 2 counts of 5 shots. Rugby’s first scoring end was a 3, and after conceding 5 shots, including a 4, they scored another 3 to double their score to 6, but with 4 ends to play Brian and his men had reached 31-6. 4 singles on the last ends saw Rugby nearly reach double figures.

Rink 6. Jim Brumwell, Dave Lovell, Michael Moulton & Paul Green 21 shots – Nigel Mazka 16 shots

After dropping 2 singles on the first ends, Paul and his men then scored on the next 5 ends to take a lead of 8-2, and at 10 ends played were in front 11-5. Rugby did fight back on the next 2 ends to reduce their deficit to just 2 shots, but then the County rink collected a big score of 5 on the 13th end to regain a decent lead. That lead was seriously threatened as Rugby won the next 4 ends to be just 2 behind again, but Paul and his men held firm and scored 5 shots to the 2 by Rugby over the last 4 ends to record a decent victory.

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