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The players of the Men’s Section of the Jackson Grundy sponsored Bowls Northamptonshire visited Long Eaton Town BC, on Saturday, 18th May, 2019, to play Derbyshire in the Midland Counties Championship, and despite a well contested match, the County lost by a disappointing 23 shots, and had just 1 winning rink with all others losing. The winning rink for the County was that skipped by Roger Tansley and they posted a 5 shots win. The final score was Northamptonshire 88 shots (2 points) – Derbyshire 111 shots (20 points) Rink details as follows, Derbyshire skips only:

Rink 1. Neil Rolfe, Tom Wellburn, Alistair Melville & John Haines 12 shots – P Broughton 23 shots
Derbyshire started much the better in posting a 5-1 shots lead after 4 ends, but 5 ends later the County were just a couple behind at 6-8, but when on 7-10 with 9 ends left, the home players scored freely without conceding for 5 ends, adding 12 shots in the process, including a big count of 6 on the 17th end. The 4 ends did go much better f John and his men for they won 3 of them and dropped just 1 shot whilst adding 5 to their total.

Rink 2. David Iddles, Simon Coles, Martin Gearey & Andrew Manton 13 shots – J Bowley 16 shots
In this match the County did not start very well at all, for, after picking up a double on the first end, they were stuck there for 5 ends whilst Derbyshire scored 9 shots, but the next 5 ends were won by Andrew and his men, albeit with just single shots, to much reduce their deficit to 7-9. The County was, however, then stuck on 7 for another 4 ends as the home rink added 5 more shots for a 14-7 lead. The last 6 ends went the way of Andrew and his men, and without some intervention by the home skip, they might well have picked up a win, for they held some good positions, and picked up 6 shots to just 2 conceded for a modest defeat.

Rink 3. David Love, Mick Spear, Steve Norman & Vernon Gearey 16 shots – D Thornhill 21 shots
In this contest the County started very well and scored 7 shots to just 1 conceded in the first 6 ends, but Derbyshire scored well over the next 4 ends to get within 1 shot at 8-9, and after Vernon & his men collected a single on the 11 th end, the home players collected 8 shots without reply, including a 4, to take the lead at 16-10 with 6 ends left to play. Those 6 ends saw an almost equal share in the scoring with the County picking up 6 shots to the home rink’s 5 for another modest win to Derbyshire.

Rink 4. Connor Rollings, Sam Gamble, Paul Green & Richard Lemon 16 shots – M Allsopp 22 shots
This match was pretty evenly contested, with firstly Derbyshire scoring the better for a 5-0 lead after 4 ends, and then the County, after picking up a 4 on the 5th end, scored marginally better for a 9-8 lead after 9 ends. Derbyshire picked up singles on the next 2 ends, then a 4 of their own to lead 14-10 after 13 ends, and they increased their lead to 17-10 with 6 ends to play. Those 6 ends went much better for Richard and his men for they scored 6 shots to 5 by Derbyshire, for a modest defeat

Rink 5. Chris Gray, Kieran Rollings, Curtis Johnson & Roger Tansley 18 shots – A Clipston 13 shots
What a low scoring first half this match was, with just single shots on the first 11 ends. The County scored 9 of them to 2 by Derbyshire, and of those 9, 7 were on the very first 7 ends for a lead at 9-2 shots, which became 13-2 just two ends later with 8 ends to play. Derbyshire did rally somewhat for they won 5 of the remaining ends, with 3 shots on three of them to greatly dent Roger and his men’s excellent win.

Rink 6. Danny Walker, John Freeman, Alan Ashby & David Walker 13 shots – R Robinson 16 shots
This match was a very keenly fought affair, which went in the County’s favour initially for a 5-2 shots lead after 5 ends, but by 10 ends the home rink, in particular Russ Robinson, were in great form and they firstly took the lead 8-6, and then after David and his men had drawn level with a 2 on the next end, Derbyshire won 4 successive ends for a 15-8 lead with 6 ends left to play. Those 6 ends were very expertly played by both rinks, with some very close drawn shots, and just single counts on each end, with David and his men winning 5 of them for a modest defeat.


The men of the Jackson Grundy sponsored Bowls Northamptonshire visited Nuneaton BC on Saturday, 22nd June, 2019, for a ‘Midland Counties’ match against Warwickshire, and although having 2 winning rinks, the County came well second by 23 shots. The highest scoring of the County’s rinks was that skipped by David Walker, which posted a 10 shots victory.
The final score was Northamptonshire 107 shots (4 points) – Warwickshire 130 shots (18 points). Rink details as follows, Warwickshire skips only named:

Rink 1. Neil Rolfe, Mark Tompkins, David Jones & John Haines 13 shots – Dan Box 24 shots

This match did not start well for the County as the home team won the first 4 ends to take a 6-0 lead, but the next 4 ends were good for John and his men for they drew level at 7 shots each, and another 4 ends saw them just 1 shot adrift at 10-11. The 13th end, however, was a bit f a disaster for the County as Warwickshire picked up a big 5 followed by a single to be 7 up, with 7 ends left to play, and as John and his men could pick up just three singles, and the home men three singles and a 4 on the penultimate end, the County was well beaten.

Rink 2. Adam Pitfield, Paul Green, Peter Ward & Andrew Manton 29 shots – Calvin Wells 24 shots

The County rink started this match like an express train as they won the first 5 ends, posting 18 shots on the board, including two counts of 5 and a 4, but Warwickshire fought back well in winning the next 4 ends to reduce the County lead to 18-11, and 2 ends later they were just 5 shots behind at 14-19. Another 5 for Andrew and his men reinstated a 10 shots lead, but with 5 ends to play that lead had been reduced to just 3, although in winning 3of the last 5 ends Andrew and his men recorded a decent win.

Rink 3. Tony O’Leary, David Love, Mick Spear & Vernon Gearey 12 shots – Andy Smith 26 shots

After winning the first 2 ends, the County men were stuck on 3 shots for the next 4 ends as the home team scored 8 shots, but Vernon and his men won the next 3 ends to tie up the score at 8 shots each, and 2 ends later they were just 1 behind at 10-1. Unfortunately the County men were then kept on that score of 10 for 7 ends whilst Warwickshire steadily scored to take a 22-10 shots lead with 3 ends left to play, and those 3 ends went 4-2 in the home men’s favour for a very good win to them.

Rink 4. Cameron Knox, Mick Sharp, Jack Tobin & Martin Gearey 16 shots – Martin Timms 18 shots

In this match Team Manager’s Assistant Mick Sharpe was roped in to play, and the first few ends went well for the County as they got a 6-2 lead after 6 ends, but in dropping a single followed by a 4, they lost the lead 6-7, however, the 9th end was very good for Martin and his men for they collected a huge count of 6 shots to go 12-7 in front. The home players responded well by winning the next 4 ends, albeit in singles, to get within 1 shot at 11-12, and in a period where it was ‘nip and tuck’ between the two it was no surprise to find the scores level at 15 shots each with 3 ends left to play. Those 3 ends went 3-1 in Warwickshire’s favour for a small defeat for the County.

Rink 5. Chris Gray, Simon Coles, John Freeman & Roger Tansley 12 shots – Colin Jacox 23 shots

A decent start for the County saw them win the first 2 ends for a 3-0 lead, but on that 3 they were kept for 6 ends, and Warwickshire took a 10-3 lead, and after 11 ends of play Roger and his men were still 6 shots adrift. Unfortunately that deficit was doubled on the next 2 ends for the County to be 5-17 in arrears with 7 ends to play. Those 7 ends went marginally better for the County at 7-6, but the end result was a good win for Warwickshire.

Rink 6. David Iddles, Tom Wellburn, Adrian Harris & David Walker 25 shots – Alan Apsey 15 shots

In this match, after dropping a double on the first end, the County rink won the next 5 ends and scored 10 shots in the process, including a big count of 5 shots on the 4th end for a 10-2 lead, but the next 4 ends saw a strong Warwickshire response as they collected 7 shots to just 2 by the County to get within 2 at 9-11 down. The best response to that came as David and his men picked up a double and then another big count of 5, to go 9 shots up at 18-9 with 9 ends to play. Warwickshire won 5 of those 9 ends, picking up 6 shots, but David and his men, in winning 4 of them, posted 7 shots to boost their total for a very good win.


The men of the Jackson Grundy sponsored Bowls Northamptonshire entertained their counterparts from Middlesex to a friendly match on Tuesday, 2nd July, 20019, at Corby Seagrave House BC, and although the County shared rink wins equally, Middlesex came out well on top by 28 shots. Of the County’s winning rinks, the highest scoring was shared by the rinks skipped by Norman Gibb and Geoff Hayter, with wins by 7 shots, although Norman’s rink won by 2 more ends than Geoff’s, and the third winning rink was not far behind, that of Richard Somerton which posted a 5 shots victory.

I had the privilege, in the absence of a President this year, of being ‘Captain for the Day’ and although I tried to claim the match was a draw, my opposing President told the players that his FaceBook entry would show differently!
The final score was Northamptonshire 102 shots – Middlesex 130 shots. Rink details as follows, Middlesex skips only named:
Rink 1. Rod Douglas, Tom Black, Dave Betts & Terry James 20 shots – David Stockman 36 shots
A pretty high scoring match in which, after the County posted a lead at 8-2, with 2 counts of 4, after 3 ends, the visitors evened things up over the next few ends, with the scores level at 8 shots each after 6 ends. At this point Terry & his men got stuck on that 8 as Middlesex firstly collected a big 6 on the 7th end and followed it with a single and a 4 for a 19-8 lead. The next 5 ends saw the County reduce their deficit to 17-23, but they were then confined to that 17 for 6 ends as Middlesex scored 13 shots for a very good lead, which was reduced a little when Terry and his men picked up 3 shots on the last end.
Rink 2. David Francis, George Donegan, Geoff Harris & Norman Gibb 24 shots – David Todd 17 shots
This was a match of relatively low scoring with the County just ahead 4-3 after 5 ends, and after increasing their lead to 11-6 after 10 ends, Norman and his men dropped a 3 and a single on the next 2 ends to be just 1 shot ahead at 11-10 with 9 ends to play. Middlesex went in front at 14-12 on picking up a 4 on the 14th end, and with 5 ends left to play were 3 up at 16-13, but Norman and his men really got themselves going in those last ends for they collected 11 shots to just 1 conceded, for a very good win.
Rink 3. Chris Hawkins, Bob Sullivan, John Chester & John Church 7 shots – Andy Docker 28 shots
What can I say about this match, in which I was the skip against the Middlesex President, Andy Docker, for I and my men never got our game together, whereas our opponents did! It was a very low scoring affair for the majority of the match, certainly the first half, but Middlesex were 11-0 up after 8 ends, and it did not get much better for us as we dropped shots regularly and picked up just 4 to be 4-18 adrift after 14 ends. That became 4-24 before we collected a few more shots and ultimately we were very well beaten.
Rink 4. Will Clelland, Dave Stewart, Bob Tingle & Geoff Hayter 20 shots – Andy Knott 13 shots
This match was also a relatively low scoring one which started very well indeed for the County as Geoff and his men posted 12 shots to none conceded after 6 ends of play, and then followed 7 ends in which just singles were scored, with the visitors having the better at 5-2 to reduce their deficit to 5-14 with 8 ends to play. Those 8 ends went marginally better to Middlesex 8-6 but it was still a decent win for the County.
Rink 5. Laurie Harrison, Dave Lovell, Will Keeney & Walt Winsor 11 shots – Roger Watkinson 21 shots
Yet another match in which the home rink scoring was very low, with the County scoring 11 shots in 9 winning ends, and Middlesex, with 12 winning ends, picked up 5 singles, 2 doubles, and just the one multi pickup of 4. Walt and his men were ‘under the hammer’ at 15-1 down after 10 ends of play, but the last 11 ends, apart from that count of 4, were dominated by the County in winning 8 of them to reduce their defeat to a much more modest one than at one time seemed likely.
Rink 6. Larry Lawrence, Peter Kitchener, Brian Diver & Richard Somerton 20 shots – Brian Hearn 15 shots
The first 6 ends of this match produced just single counts, with the County ahead 4-2, which became 7-2 on the next end until Middlesex won 3 successive ends to take the lead 9-7. 3 ends later the deficit for Richard and his men was 8-12 shots, but a big pick up of 5 shots saw them go back ahead by 1 shot with 7 ends left to play. Those 7 ends went much the better for the County as Richard and his players collected 7 shots, whilst conceding 3 shots, for a good win.

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