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Note: the following competitions are under 'Cross County' as they each contain the North & South Areas on the same draw sheet: Fours, Champ of Champions, Over 55 Singles, Pairs & Fours, Under 25 Singles & Pairs, Top Club, Secretary/Treasurer and Benevolent Triples

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QUARTER FINALS: Played at Roade BC on the morning of Sunday, 14th May, 2017.

1. Alison Dring, Tina Broderick, Emma Gray & Sharon Hall, Burton Latimer Town BC beat Linda Warren, Janet Warr, Billie Swift & Janet Swift, Abbey Park BC 22-13 shots

Abbey Park took 1 shot on the 1st end, but in the 2nd end a massive count of 5 shots gave Burton Latimer a big boost, and although the Abbey ladies fought hard and got to within 1 shot at 5-6 shots after 6 ends of play, they were from then on always playing ‘catch up’, and as the Burton quartet was rather parsimonious with the shots they conceded, whereas the Abbey ladies won 6 ends to the 8 ends won by Burton Latimer, they could not make much headway, although after 16 ends of play they were only 3 shots behind at 11-14 shots.

The next 3 ends were all Burton Latimer as they picked up 8 shots to lead by 11 shots with just 2 ends left to play, and although the Abbey ladies picked up 2 shots on the 20th end it was not enough and the match went to Burton Latimer.

2. Debbie Bradshaw, Diane Brown, Lisbeth Milbuirn & Debbie Cadd, Abington BC beat Margaret Watts, Jeannie Flippance, Katie Smith & Rebecca Wigfield, Desborough Town BC 20-19 shots after an extra end.

The County Champions of 2017 were unable to successfully defend their championship at the hands of the Abington Rink. After scoring first, with a single on the 1st end, the Desborough quartet were then behind after the next end as Abington collected a count of 3 shots, and they remained behind for the rest of the match until the last end. After one third of the match Abington had a good lead at 12-3 shots, and looking well worth it too, but the champions are fighters and over the next 6 ends they outscored their opponents 9-1 shots, to be just 1 shot adrift at 12-13 shots.

The next 6 ends was highly competitive with just 1 shot on each end scored, Abington having the better of the scoring 5-1 shots to increase the lead to 18-12 shots with 4 ends to play. Those 4 ends showed the competitiveness of Desborough for with 1 end to play they were 4 shots adrift and that last end saw them almost take the game, but the measure by the umpire gave them 4 shots and so an extra end. That extra end was played extremely well by Abington, and not so well by Desborough, so it was Abington that proceeded to the Semi-Final.

3. Celia Morris, Debbie Watkins, Di Brumwell & Hilary Sharpe, Kingsthorpe BC beat Val Bailey, Simone Evans, Jenny Dempsey & Viv Gaudyn, Higham Ferrers Town BC 22-19 shots.

This match started very well for the Higham Ferrers ladies when they collected a count of 4 shots on the 1st end and after 4 ends of play they held a 6-3 shots lead, but that lead evaporated over the next 3 ends when Kingsthorpe picked up 5 shots to take the lead 8-6. A huge pick up of 5 shots on the next end by Higham Ferrers regained the lead 11-8, but this seemed to give the Kingsthorpe players a ‘wake up’ call for they went on a 6 end run without reply and took back a healthy lead of 9 shots as they posted 12 shots.

Higham were not yet beaten for they pulled back to within 5 shots when picking up 2 counts of 2 shots, but with 2 singles on the next 2 ends, Kingsthorpe were 7 shots up with 3 ends left to play. Viv’s rink won those last 3 ends, but they could not score sufficient shots and were beaten by just 3 shots, so it was a Semi-Final place for Hilary Sharpe and rink..

4. Sandra Mawson, Brenda Bishop, Pat Bodily & Yvonne McKee, Kingsthorpe BC beat Jo Johns, Jan Randle, Karon Bierton & Jeanette Humphreys, Geddington & Neswton BC 32-9 shots.

This match was initially all Kingsthorpe as they plundered 8 shots in the first 4 ends without reply, but the next 3 ends went to Geddington and they closed the gap to 4 shots at 4-8 down. The next 3 ends saw just single shot counts, with Kingsthorpe scoring 2 of them, and at the halfway mark there was just a 5 shots gap between the 2.

The next end, however, was devastating for Geddington, for Yvonne’s rink took a massive count of 6 shots to go 11 shots in front, and the ‘writing was on the wall’ for Geddington and when Kingsthorpe took 13 shots to just 1 conceded over the next 5 ends, with just 5 ends left for them to make a recovery, Geddington really were up against it at 6-29 shots down. The Geddington ladies carried on, however, and although they managed to win the next 2 ends with 3shots, when Kingsthorpe matched that 3 on the 19th end it was over, and Kingsthorpe had 2 rinks in the Semi-Finals

SEMI-FINALS: Played at Roade BC in the afternoon of Sunday, 14th May, 2017.

1. Alison Dring, Tina Broderick, Emma Gray & Sharon Hall, Burton Latimer Town BC beat Sandra Mawson, Brenda Bishop, Pat Bodily & Yvonne McKee, Kingsthorpe BC 18-12 shots

The match started extremely well for the Burton rink as they collected a massive count of 5 shots on the first end, but Kingsthorpe fought back over the next 4 ends to tie the match after 5 ends of play at 5 all. Yvonne’s rink then got stuck on 5 shots for the next 4 ends with Sharon’s rink taking a 6 shots lead. From that point on the match became very close, and in winning 7 of the next 10 ends, albeit by just 1 shot on each, Kingsthorpe got to within 2 shots of their opponents at 12-14 shots, and with 2 ends left to play it was anyone’s game.

Sharon’s rink picked up a count of 2 shots, which gave the relative comfort of 4 shots to the good with just 1 end left, and when Yvonne went to bowl her last bowl she was several shots down on the match and in an impossible situation to get the 4 shots she needed to tie, and she did the only thing that would give her a chance, she killed the end. On replaying the last end, the Burton players made it almost impossible again for Yvonne with their bowls around the jack, and Yvonne was left with too much to do and the match went to Burton Latimer. Interestingly Kingsthorpe won more ends in the match than the victors, but Burton restricted them to 10 singles and just one double, so it is Burton Latimer Town ladies who will be at the National Championships in August.

2. Debbie Bradshaw, Diane Brown, Lisbeth Milburn & Debbie Cadd, Abington BC beat Celia Morris, Debbie Watkins, Di Brumwell & Hilary Sharpe, Kingsthorpe BC 24-17 shots

This was a match with several ‘twists and turns’. Abington took an early lead in scoring 5 shots without reply on the first 4 ends, but then Hilary’s rink drew level on the next end with a massive pick up of 5 shots. The next 4 ends all went the way of Abington as they collected 6 shots without reply, but Kingsthorpe once more fought back hard in collecting 8 shots without reply to take a 2 shots lead. 2 ends later, with a 4 shots pick up to the 1 shot collected by Abington, Kingsthorpe increased their lead to 5 shots with 7 ends left to play.

At this point Abington became quite dominant, with all 4 players putting some excellent woods down, which were not matched by the Kingsthorpe players, and those 7 ends all went to Abington for the victory, and a place at the National Championships at Victoria Park, Royal Leamington Spa in August.


QUARTER FINALS – All played at Wellingborough BC on the morning of Saturday, 27th May, 2017.

1. Taylor David, Ann-Marie Waters & Michelle Harris, Roade BC beat Chris Cooper, Tina Broderick & Alison Dring, Burton Latimer Town BC 19-13 shots

A match in which the first few ends were pretty close, the scores being tied at 4 all after 4 ends of play,following which the Roade trio took the next 5 ends without reply, and although only picking up 4 singles and a double, they were in front 10-4 shots. 2 more single counts on the next 2 ends, this time to Burton’s ladies, reduced their deficit a little, but Roade came back at them again with 5 shots without reply on the next 3 ends to have a relatively comfortable lead of 14-6 shots with 4 ends remaining. After conceding 2 shots on the next end, Michelle’s triple scored the biggest pick-up of the match, a count of 4 to give their opponents a nigh on impossible task to score a minimum of 10 shots in 2 ends to keep their hopes alive. However, bearing in mind that they had scored on just 6 ends, quite unexpectedly the Burton trio picked up a massive count of 5 shots, and no doubt they believed that having done it once they could do it again to force an extra end, but that was not to be as Michelle’s Roade triple played it very tight and scored a single themselves for a passage to the Semi-Finals.

2. Hazel Wood, Trish Basford & Linda Tomlinson, Geddington & Newton BC beat Judy Tomalin, Sally Hudson & Chris Cross, Byfield BC 19-14 shots

A match that saw the advantage changing regularly between the two, with firstly Byfield taking a very good lead 9-2 shots after 6 ends of play, which was more than matched by Geddington as they pulled back all of the deficit, plus an extra shot, over the next 3 ends to take a 1 shot lead 3 ends later Byfield were back in front, albeit by just 2 shots, which were matched by Linda’s triple to tie the scores at 13 all with 5 ends left to play. 4 of those ends went to the Geddington ladies without reply, for them to lead by 6 shots with 1 end left to play. A virtually impossible task for Byfield, and they were able only to pick up 1 shot on that last end, for the victory to be with Geddington.

3. Sue Edwards, Denise Carlin & Margaret McGillivray, Desborough Town BC beat Gill Crossley, Deborah Bradshaw & Barbara Astle, Abington BC 19-11 shots

The Abington ladies had the better of the first 5 ends as they won 3 of them and posted a lead of 5-2 shots, but they then got stuck on that score of 5 as the Desborough ladies scored freely over the next 4 ends to take the lead at 11-5 shots. Although the shots were shared over the next 3 ends, with Desborough’s lead remaining at 6 shots, by the conclusion of the 15th end, that lead had grown to 9 shots at 18-9. 3 singles were scored on the last 3 ends, 2 to Abington, but this was insufficient to take them to the Semi-Finals and Desborough took that place.

4. Margaret Watts, Katie Smith & Rebecca Wigfield, Desborough Town BC beat Pauline Letts, Margaret Mackintosh & Sue Graham-Hole, St Crispin BC 14-13 shots

The 2016 County Champions did not have it easy in this match, for after being on level terms 3 all at 5 ends played, they were behind St Crispin in the match for the next 10 ends, although not by a large number of shots. St Crispin were in front 7-3 after 7 ends, still 4 shots at 9-5 after 10 ends, and 5 shots at 12-7 after 13 ends. At this point the Desborough ladies won 5 ends in a row and collected 5 shots to tie up the scores at 12 all. The last 2 ends were very tense, and when St Crispin picked up a single to have that 1 shot lead with 1 end to play, one wondered if there was to be an upset. In the event Rebecca and triple managed to get the 2 shots they needed for the win and progress to the Semi-Finals.

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