Yvonne McKee

Kingsthorpe BC


Brenice Willmott

Irchester BC

Women's Section Secretary

Alison Dring

Swanspool BC

BN Assistant  Treasurer

Jan Hunt - Wellingborough BC

BN Administrator

Women's Match Secretary

Acting Competition Secretary

Velda Cooper - Irchester


North Area Delegate

Photograph to be inserted






President                    Yvonne McKee, Kingsthorpe BC

                                    Tel 01604 843661  Email:  j.mckee1@sky.com


Vice President            Shelagh Galloway, Thrapston BC

                                    Tel. 01832 732527   Mob 07929878875

                                    Email:  shelaghellen@btinternet.com


Immediate Past President                   Elaine Munton, (Northampton Whyte Melville BC)

                                                                Tel           01604 495993    Mob 07923516398

                                                              Email: hanapier3@hotmail.co.uk                                      




Secretary:  Brenice Willmott, Tel            01933 413041

                                   Email:  brenice.willmott@ukonline.co.uk


Competition               Jan Hunt (Wellingborough BC)         Tel 01933 410182

Secretary:                   Email:   gkjmhunt@hotmail.co.uk                                                     Mob  07985633238


Match Secretary:    Heather Lack,        Tel  01536 723823              Email:  heatherlack@talktalk.net



Treasurer: Alison Dring (Swanspool BC)  Tel 0153636 723500

E-mail:  alison.dring1@btinternet.com


South Area Pat Bodily (Northampton Whyte Melville BC)  Tel 01604 648479

Delegate: E-mail:  neville@nbodily.freeserve.co.uk


North Area Velda Cooper, Irchester BC,                                                                

Delegate: Tel           01933 800840

                                             email heather.cooper2@sky.com


Other Women's Section Officers


Amy Rose Team            Rebecca Wigfield, Desborough Town BC



Johns Trophy & Walker        Jan Hunt, Wellingborough BC

Cup Manager


Delegate to Bowls England:    Jan Hunt


Delegates to Middle      Yvonne McKee & Brenice Willmott

England League:


Delegates to NBYDS      Velda Cooper, Finedon Town BC


Selection Committee:      North Area – Heather Lack, Burton Latimer Town BC

                              South Area – Pat Bodily, Northampton Whyte Melville BC

Photographs,  by John G. Church, BN Press Officer - Copyright

Elaine Munton

Northampton Whyte Melville BC

Immediate Past President

Junior Vice President

Vacant at Present



Shelagh Galloway

Thrapston BC

Vice President

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1. Yvonne McKee 4. Elaine Munton IPP 2. Brenice Willmott 3. Jan Hunt 4. Alison Dring 6. Heather Lack

Heather Lack

Burton Latimer Town BC

Match Secretary

Pat Bodily,

Kingsthorpe BC

South Atrea Delegate

Photograph to be inserted